realme master edition
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With realme, the fastest-growing smartphone brand officially exceeded 100M in cumulative shipment volume of smartphones. At the same time, reaching 100M in 37 months also means that realme is the fastest smartphone brand in the world to exceed 100M sales. realme will launch its 100M milestone product realme GT Master Series and new product lines at 13:00 BST on 18th August to celebrate this achievement. 

realme master edition

realme GT Master Edition Series, the brand’s most high-end flagship, is designed by famous Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, who has previously explored new smartphone aesthetics. 

Apart from smartphones, realme will also debut other aspects of its TechLife ecosystem at the event, while underscoring its intention of becoming the fastest-growing brand and disruptor in the new product categories.  

At the same time, realme will announce its biggest promotion of the year at the event to thank all 100 million users for their support over the past three years. The promotion will include 61 markets, covering all product categories.  

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