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Welcome to the review of the new realme watch S Pro (priced at £119), the screen uses an AMOLED screen, the material is already stainless steel with the support of other features, namely 5ATM that can be carried swimming up to 50 meters, and Dual-Satellite GPS.

The realme Watch S Pro smartwatch has the following specifications

Processor ARM Cortex M4
Screen Super AMOLED1.4 inches 454 x 454 pixels
Battery 420 mAh
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Sensor GPS, Heart rate, accelerometer, SpO2
Dimensions 257.6 x 46.0 x 11.1 mm
Weights 63.5 grams

Realme also promises long-lasting battery life that has a large enough capacity for a smartwatch. If worn daily, the watch is promised to expire within 14 days. Of course, this is quite convenient because many smartwatches still have battery life for a few days only.

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Charger: Magnetic

The sales package of this smartwatch has only a charger in addition to the main unit. This charger has an outboard design with a magnetic system. So, the user will not be wrong in putting the position of this smartwatch. On one side are two connectors for charging the smartwatch

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The Realme Watch S Pro has a round design, just like a typical watch. The colour of the device I got was black. And the colour of the straps is also equally black.

The built-in bracelet is made of rubber, so it is safe to use for sports and outdoor activities. This smartwatch strap can also be replaced with a common one on the market with a standard 22 mm. To unlock it, all you have to do is slide the little keys available on either side of the watch strap

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The screen of the realme Watch S Pro uses AMOLED type. The screen dimensions are 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454×454. The screen itself has also used Gorilla Glass which unfortunately there is no information about which series to use. Of course, the screen can be touched, making navigation easier.

Realme also designed this smartwatch without frames or bezel-less, realme uses a curved glass model that makes the sides shorter than the centre surface. Therefore, I highly recommend adding a scratch-resistant coating so that it can avoid unwanted things.

On the lower side, there are several sensors that are useful for scanning health. The sensor can detect the user’s heart rate. In addition, realme has also added a feature to scan oxygen levels in the blood.

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On the right side of the realme Watch S Pro, there are two buttons. The top one is used as the back button and to turn the screen on and off. The lower buttons are specially made for sports functions. When the screen is shifted from the top down, there will appear several icons to perform the functions.

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In addition to sliding the screen up, the screen can also be shifted to the right and left. It will display several widgets as well as a quick menu on the realme Watch S Pro.

The watch can also be upgraded for any new firmware version available, therefore, often turn on the application called realme Link. The app will also hold all the data that has been informed by this smartwatch so that its users can see data about their heart rate, steps, oxygen in the blood, as well as the exercises they do.

Realme Watch S Pro has functions including heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, SpO2, breathing, notifications, weather, clock, alarm, flashlight, and music control. Of course, these features are commonly found on almost every smartwatch that is already on the market. However, the camera shutter button is one feature that is rarely found on other smartwatches and is present on this one device.

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If you are tired of the Watch face that is already on this smartwatch device, realme has also provided it on the realme Link app. You can also create a homemade watch face that uses the photo as the background. Unfortunately, there is no application that can make face watch from our own design.

I am quite happy with the notification capability of realme Link. This is because voice and video calls from Whatsapp and Telegram successfully appear on this watch. This of course makes every incoming call will make the realme Watch S Pro vibrate so that no calls will be missed.

This smartwatch has 15 different types of sports that can be monitored. They include Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Spinning, Hiking, Swimming, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, Cricket, Strength Training, and Free Workout. The watch also supports diving up to 50 metres or 5 ATMs, but it’s a good idea not to use it in saltwater as it will corrode.


AIoT market is currently being crowded offered by manufacturers. This is because the device used is able to help its users in their daily lives. One of them is a smartwatch that is definitely used in all its daily activities. Realme also offers the Watch S Pro in this market.

The performance of this smartwatch is good enough for everyday use. By using the ARM Cortex M4 processor, it turns out that it is able to make this clockwork without any lag. All existing functions can be accessed and executed without any problems.

Notifications are a basic function of a smartphone. Realme was also able to fix the problem on some smartwatch devices when sending notifications. For those of you who often miss a call from a smartphone, this smartwatch is suitable for use. Unfortunately, there are no speakers and microphones on this watch.


  • Long battery life
  • Responsive
  • Slick design
  • 5 ATMs


  • No speakers and microphone

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