World Exclusive FunkyHuawei is up For Sale 1
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Here is a little World Exclusive news about FunkyHuawei will be entertaining offers from the public to purchase its technology.

FunkyHuawei currently holds various exploits and technology pertaining to Huawei mobile phones and tablets, as outlined below:

World Exclusive FunkyHuawei is up For Sale 2
Credit FunkyHuawei

1.  A full understanding and server-side implementation of the operating system installation process on Huawei phones, via the phone’s OTA mechanism, the phone’s eRecovery mechanism, and the HiSuite windows software.  This technology is currently used to offer customers the ability to install whichever update they want on their Huawei phones.

2.  Exclusive technology to discover various operating systems for Huawei phones, including pre-release software and software for unannounced models.  This technology is used in order to obtain information on upcoming Huawei devices, as well as to offer customers access to the latest software for their own model, often months before they are able to directly install it from Huawei’s infrastructure.

3.  Security exploits allowing the installation of various system software on phones, without Huawei’s approval.

4.  Security exploits allowing root access via ADB on any Huawei model with a Kirin 980 chipset.

5.  An understanding and implementation of factory backdoors allowing low-level modification of Huawei devices (particularly for models on security updates earlier than June 2018)

6.  Various other information regarding Huawei’s backdoors, installation infrastructure, etc., which is unknown to the general public.

FunkyHuawei has over 30,000 users, with revenue streams from advertising, direct purchases, and monthly/biweekly/bimonthly subscriptions.

The purchase will include:
1. domain.
2. Full access to all of FunkyHuawei’s technology, outlined above.
3. Basic instructions for running the service.

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