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Aside from catching and collecting pocket monsters, the biggest draw to Pokemon in modern times is social connectivity. Pokemon Go all but changed the mobile gaming landscape, offering players a way to get out into the world and connect with their friends over a mutual interest. Well, that idea is being taken a step further with Pokemon Home, the new cloud-based service that will unite various Pokemon games across the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Home coming to Switch & mobile 1

The pitch here is simple: Pokemon Home allows players to sync their Pokedex with the cloud, allowing not only for added security but also for ease of trading. The service works through the internet, meaning there will be no barriers between Pokemon games running on either the Nintendo Switch or mobile devices, such as Pokemon Go.
Given the stated functionality of the new service, it’s possible that Pokemon Home will be baked into current Switch Pokemon Games.

The software will be released as a separate app on iOS and Android, but we imagine that a standalone Switch app could be released as well. The software is meant to help share and organize, so it wouldn’t be unheard-of for what is basically a standalone Pokedex app to land on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld.

Details on Pokemon Home are still fairly slim, but the crew at the Pokemon 2019 press conference did at least say they’re aiming for a release sometime in 2020.

Pokemon Home coming to Switch & mobile 2

For now, we know the cloud functionality will allow connectivity between Pokemon Go on mobile, Pokemon Bank on the Nintendo 3DS, and both Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee on the Nintendo Switch.

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