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During its EA Play 2019, EA confirmed The Sims 4: Island Living, the next expansion pack for its globally famous series of simulation games. Along with the official unveiling, which came on the heels of a leak earlier this week, EA reps announced a release date of 21st June for PC and Mac platforms. Console players can dive in next week on 16th July.

EA confirms The Sims 4: Island Living expansion 1

Like previous add-ons in the series, Island Living skirts the line between fantasy and reality. You’ll be able to work as a dive instructor, but you’ll also be able to dabble in more fantastical elements such as creating and playing as mermaids. Yes, for the first time, humans will get to be part of their world.

But one of the more intriguing aspects of Island Living is the emphasis on environmental friendliness and conversation EA is implementing. For instance, you’ll be able to work as an environmental conservationist. The better you take care of the island, the more it will improve: vegetation will grow lusher, flowers will bloom brighter, and more butterflies will flutter around the area.

Island Living isn’t all flowers and butterflies, however. There’s an active volcano that you’ll need to keep an eye on if you live nearby.

EA also announced a partnership with It Gets Better, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and encouraging LGBTQIA+ communities, to add game features such as gender-neutral bathrooms. The Sims has a history of empowering players to live out their virtual lives in any way they see fit, so such features are a welcome addition for players who appreciate being able to see themselves more fully realized in the games they play and the digital lives they build for their sims.

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