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Here is the review of the premium set Sennheiser wireless earpieces with brilliant sound quality. Are they, on the other hand, worth the price tag of £280 worth? With Sennheiser is pretty much the King of good sound quality and the Mission for the Momentum True Wireless Wireless earpieces was clear: that same sound quality processing in a wireless system. That is the German company without any doubt successful, but for under £280.

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Out of the box
Everything to the Momentum True Wireless is premium; the case, the design, the price and even the box. Cosy wrapped in a box that is reminiscent of review smartphone-packaging are the two ears, a (charging) case, a USB-C cable, manuals and three additional sets in-ear proximity (XS/S/M/L).

Review - Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless are there worth the money? 2

First impression? Everything is wonderful. The fabric on the compact box is reminiscent of the lining of my Harman Kardon speaker while the ears themselves remind me of anything at all. And that’s a good thing. Wireless earpieces are often a bit too sporty or just a little too cheap (I look at you, Apple) to be proud of, but the Momentum True Wireless is really wonderful.

Smart ‘ Control App

On the other hand, that initial high was me quickly declined. After I had the case and race radio charged, I wanted to get started. The mating of earbuds to my mobile phone (OnePlus 5) on the other hand, rough and went before the two devices through Bluetooth 5.0 were connected, I was fifteen minutes further.

In doing so, I came across the following problem: the Smart Control App. The application gave a clear indication that I had to install a firmware update, which would last an hour. Violently, but don’t mind if all connection-and app-issues would be. Unfortunately, it also there to go wrong. The installation of the update was interrupted without further interference from me about 3 times. Only after I had done a factory reset I got the update has been successfully installed.

Sound quality
All issues aside, the sound quality is, of course, the most important of all. And by golly, what’s that good with the Momentum True Wireless. The amount of bass that managed to produce the tiny wireless earpieces is great, while it does not detract from the brightness, the ‘ crispy-ness ‘ of the treble.

Mostly throw (wireless) the ears on one or the other bow; strong bass but a complete muddy sound or crystal clear mids and highs, without anybody. As far as I am concerned, Sennheiser has the perfect balance between all those extremes and the German brand is therefore known as the crème de la crème for audiophiles. That is, for a wireless set. The Momentum True Wireless match all wireless earpieces that I have used but also beat most headsets with wire.

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A nice surprise and thwarting
One of the coolest surprises for me was a feature called “Transparent Hearing ‘, a slider in the (after firmware update) solid Smart Control App that lets you find yourself a bit from the ‘ zone ‘. Through microphones in the ears themselves, you catch ambient noise on making you possibly some less cut off from the outside world.

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This feature was very useful for my regular guitar and drum sessions. I could hear my own instrument clear while the music still presents remained. Often should I choose between the clearly hear the music or my own racket. Also in train and bus can Transparent Hearing a blessing; You can enjoy your music without running the risk of missing your stop. However, it must be said that Transparent Hearing a relatively s ambient sound.


Review - Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless are there worth the money? 5

The equalizer looks State-of-the-art with an interactive chart that – fully animated –  with your settings. On the other hand, those settings are completely arbitrary. Would you like the bass a little pumping, then sucks the equalizer all treble from the sound? Do you put the mids somewhat up, then plunging the lows and highs. There is no control over the sound quality possible. But hey, the default values are nearly perfect.

Is it worth the price?
That brings us to the key question of today: is the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless the price tag of about £280 (under £230 at Amazon UK) worth? I can honestly give no clear answer on. As for sound quality, processed in a wireless, elegant design? Yes, no doubt. On the other hand, the problem of this set lies in the little things.

The box also allows for some frustration. Yes, the ears go about 4 hours (in practice a lot shorter) and the luxury box acts as portable power bank and storage case (with a sexy magnet-click if you store the ears) with another 8 hours (in practice slightly less again) additional load, which is fine is for a set of wireless earpieces. Why the little box than with one abstract LED light is equipped, I don’t understand. The power led is green, then you have between 50 and 100 per cent load. Orange means less than 50% and Red means empty.

During one of my longer trips using earbuds testing around London (UK) and my home town, I found the battery don’t last like the 4 hours on the ear dubs maybe 2 and a half to three max.


I’m a little disappointed that touch control, for example, holds down your left earpiece volume down while your right earpiece volume increases. But since you need to hold down the ‘ buttons ‘, you can hardly accurate set the volume.


All in all, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless a beautiful premium package for a premium price. The design, the multi-functional case, comfort and of course the great sound quality are well worth the price. Unfortunately, it is really a product that you need to buy for the solid sound, not for the total package. The touch controls are simply unusable, the equalizer is not convenient and the battery can still sometimes do crazy things. A lot of features, such as calling via the earpieces, Google Assistant-integration and great Transparent Hearing make it for a part well again, but unless you really want to go for the best as an audiophile, I would rather recommend a set of non-premium earbuds.

Plus points

  • Unmatched sound quality
  • Design, build quality, wearing comfort
  • Multifunctional box, compact and beautifully
  • Transparent hearing


  • Battery Life
  • No multi-connection
  • Touch controls can be a little weird at times

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