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After passing the tests in Australia and New Zealand, the mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite finally got a release date. The new title of augmented reality of Niantic coming up on cell phones on Friday 21st June.

The launch for Android and iOS devices, however, will initially be for the United Kingdom and the United States. However, it shouldn’t take long for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets in the rest of the mobile devices market.

In addition to the release date, the official Twitter of the game also revealed a new promotional video. It is possible to see a character using the cell phone as a wand and fighting the dark forces of the world of magic. At the end of the video, there is a character that makes mention of Harry Potter.

“The world premiere of Harry Potter: the Wizards Unite for mobile starts this Friday, June 21. Stay tuned and get ready the wand for more information as the game goes into effect in your region soon, “said the social network game. For me I can’t wait to play this game as my family love the Harry Potter World, that JK Rowling Imagined.

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