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Hiyacar, the peer-to-peer car sharing app has today announced that it is launching in Brighton, bringing the freedom that they’ve provided in London to thousands of owners and drivers in the seaside city.


The regional launch coincided with The Big Share event, during Global Sharing Week, contributing to the celebration of sharing in Brighton by showcasing how hiyacar intends to support the city that wants to do more, with less.

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Brighton has nearly fifty thousand more full license holders than local cars, and with a large number of people also in demographics that show a high propensity to use sharing services living in a relatively small area compared to larger cities, hiyacar sees very strong potential for peer to peer car sharing. In addition, as the typical length of a hiya on hiyacar is around two days, hiyacar expects the wide range of destinations reachable for a day or weekend trip from Brighton to become common reasons for using a hiyacar.


Brighton is particularly appealing to hiycar as ‘the Greenest city in Europe’, with the city leading the way in sustainability. Already home to globally known house sitting sharing solution Trusted Housesitters, the local bike-sharing company BTN Bike Share and with a car-sharing club run by one of the global car hire companies, there are clear signs Brighton, like Norwich, is a natural environment for peer to peer car sharing. As it is also the only city with a Green Party MP, the location is a perfect fit for sustainable solutions like hiyacar.


Hiyacar is focused on providing a sustainable solution to car ownership through car-sharing in the build-up to the mass availability of electric vehicles (EVs). The focus is on car-sharing today to speed up using EVs tomorrow.  Car owners who have already moved to ELECTRIC in Brighton can already benefit from 0% commission from hiyacar.

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Graeme Risby, CEO and Co-Founder of hiyacar, said: “While we still have a need for cars, many are not utilised the majority of the time – the Brighton to London railway line is currently used by over 300,000 passengers every day meaning a huge number of cars are being left idle throughout the day. For every one car shared, 11 can be taken off the road and with Brighton’s drive for sustainability through community change, we’re hugely excited to see how we can work with the city.”

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Hiyacar is launching in Brighton by building an initial core of car owners who want to make money from sharing their car and will then be launching marketing to help them to rent their cars out to people in their local community. Owners can go to to learn more and can contact hiyacar to get an extra £100 bonus if they install QuickStart, hiyacar’s unique keyless technology, and complete two bookings.


The company supplies a range of marketing tools to help owners generate local demand and has published a step-by-step process of how to make the most of most people’s first or second largest asset:

·       List your car: You set your price, your car’s availability and terms. You can also earn an additional £100 when you install Quickstart ® keyless technology and complete two bookings.

·       Accept bookings: All hiyacar’s drivers are fully vetted using a seven-step verification process and all bookings are insured by AXA insurance and covered by 24/7 roadside assistance.

·       Earn income: When the rental finishes, you’ll get paid!


For more information on becoming an early-adopter in Brighton or to sign up please visit:; drivers can also enjoy £30 off their first hiya by using code BTN30

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