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Here is the review of the new Honor Band 5 that costs under £30 from Amazon, Honor, Argos, the Honor Band 5 does introduce two new functions, with music control and oxygen saturation measurement (SpO2).
The Honor Band 5 is a thin fitness bracelet with a strap that is suitable for both thin and thick wrists.

Review of the Honor Band 5 for under £30 1

Review of the Honor Band 5 for under £30 2

Even children can wear the Band 5 tightly thanks to the many perforations in the wristband. On Honor Band 5, you will find a curved 0.95-inch AMOLED screen with a 120×240 pixel resolution (228 PPI). Below the screen, you will find a round button, with which you can activate the screen or return to the main menu. By swiping up and down, or from left to right, you navigate through the menus on the Band 5. The screen is excellent. Even in sunny conditions, the screen is clearly visible. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted so that you can find a balance between power consumption and brightness. You also have the option to leave the screen on for 5 minutes, once it is activated. The device is waterproof, so swimming is no problem.

The strap is available in the colours Meteorite Black, Midnight Navy and Pink.
Honor Band 5 – Colours

Review of the Honor Band 5 for under £30 3

Photo Credit Honor

Battery and charging
You can charge with a special charging adapter that you click on the bracelet. This charger has a micro USB connection to easily charge it with one of your existing USB chargers. The small charging adapter is fairly easy to attach after some practice.

You must store the adapter properly because you will lose it in no time. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge the 100 mAh battery. Then you can easily read it for 1 or 2 weeks until the next charge, of course depending on your use.
All data from your band can be synchronized with the Huawei Health app. This app, which has been running for a while, works great and gives you many options for viewing your data.
The functionality of the Honor Band 5 you have the basic functions, consisting of sleep monitoring via TruSleep, heart rate measurement, a pedometer, a timer and a stopwatch.

The TruSleep sleep monitoring starts and stops automatically and gives you an excellent insight into your sleep cycle. Of course, you can also use the Band 5 to keep track of your sports sessions.
Because Band 5 does not have GPS, you do need to bring your phone with these sessions. The accuracy of these measurements is then comparable to the measurements via a sports app on your phone, but the functionality is more than sufficient to offer you insight during your training sessions. Of course, you can also view the notifications on your bracelet. Don’t expect you to be able to watch movies and videos.

Honor Band 5 – For thin and thick wrists

Review of the Honor Band 5 for under £30 4

New: music control and SpO2 measurement
New in this version is the ability to control your music on your phone. This only applies to Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, Shazam and Huawei Music. You can pause a track on the screen of your bracelet, but you can also jump to the next or previous track. You can also adjust the volume of the music via the screen. The music distance control is a welcome addition to the Honor Band and works very well.

Review of the Honor Band 5 for under £30 5

In addition, you can take a photo from your wrist with your (Huawei) device. The moment you start the camera app, a shutter button appears on your bracelet, with which you can take a photo. Handy if, for example, you work with a tripod.

Finally, Honor has added an oxygen saturation meter. This meter measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. This value is normally between 95 and 99%.

Of course, there are better fitness bracelets for sale than the Honor Band 5. But the price-quality of the Band 5 is unbeatable. For less than £30 you will receive a fitness bracelet that you can use to measure your heart rate, monitor your sleep, read discreetly notifications, control your music and camera and keep track of your sports sessions.
You won’t regret buying the Honor Band 5 for yourself or for Christmas presents for your friends and family.

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