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It’s been a while since the PXC 550 came out, a headset that captured a lot of hearts, not only because of the ANC capabilities but because of the quality of audio. Today there is a new variant out, the PXC 550-II priced at £299 from Sennheiser and Amazon UK.

Review: Sennheiser PXC 550 Mark 2 headset 1


First of all, let’s start with the specifications. The headphones can be used for up to 30 hours (using a 3.5 cable and noise control). Of course, it varies how hard the music is and whether it is played via Bluetooth or not.

Review: Sennheiser PXC 550 Mark 2 headset 2

Namely, a 3.5mm cable for headphones, USB-Micro to USB-A, aeroplane adapter and a manual. The adapter itself that misses. But in the end, you almost always have a phone adapter or USB port nearby that allows the PXC 550-II to be charged.

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A switch for the noise cancelling (ANC). It has a 0, 1 and 2. At 0, this one’s out. The function is set at 1 50% and 2 is 100%. The button below is the modes; Club, Movie, Speech and Director can be selected here. Below it is the USB micro connection and the 2.5mm jacket to be able to listen to the PXC 550-II wired. In my view a big plus. What if the headphones are empty and you can’t use cable, you don’t have music. And… without music, the world stands still for a moment in my view.

It’s small habituation, but after that, it becomes very easy to operate the headphones. The right side of the headphones is the touchpad for recording, putting up phone calls (by tapping on the earcup), putting sound/music harder and softer (through swipe upwards or down) and by a tap in the middle pause or play. There is also a possibility to go to another or next number by swiping left or right. In short, lots of options for an ear shell.


The PXC550-II is not only quite a stylish headset, but it’s also one that sounds pretty good. The sound is full, in fact, all the planes are. In addition, the EQ provides additional adjustments/possibilities.

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The ANC is also pleasant in my view. Working in a pretty busy office makes me very nice to focus on what I had to do. This actually applies to public transport. You can put yourself in a locked space by the ANC, even between the crowds.

The Bluetooth connection also bizarrely gets far. That’s also nice if you want to listen to a song/playlist freely because of your house (even while cleaning).
What is also worthy of appointment is that the headset works pretty well with the touch-sensitive/touch control buttons/capabilities. For example, putting the audio harder is a swipe up over the right earcup. The pause is tapping the earcup once. Etc.

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This immediately ensures a lot of conveniences. Looking for the right buttons for pausing or softening harder, well. Fortunately, you don’t have that anymore.
In addition, the PXC550-II is so smart again that if you pull the headphones off your head (or hangs around your neck) it just puts the music on pause neatly. When putting it back on your head, it plays nicely.

Review: Sennheiser PXC 550 Mark 2 headset 6

That the headset is included in a neat pouch, with the required (long) cables is also a given. However, as a fan of high-end audio equipment, I can agree that the headset has good quality, not only in terms of sound but also how the PXC 550-II has been assembled. It’s a sturdy, light and fine headset. I also like the headset’s classic eyes.

The only thing that lets the PXC 550-II down is using micro USB not USB Type C for power.

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