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Today Xiaomi just announced the new MIUI 12, that will reinforce privacy protection makes the user informed and empowered MIUI 12 brings enhanced privacy protection capabilities that will let the user stay informed of apps’ behaviour and take stronger control over permissions. MIUI 12 adds in a feature of permission notifications. Flaring alerts will appear in the status bar when sensitive apps including camera, location and microphone are running in the background. By clicking the alert, the user can change the permission settings and stop any suspicious background behaviours at any time. MIUI 12 grants the user stronger control over permissions which takes privacy protection to the next level. When individual apps ask for permissions, a wider range of options (such as “While using the app” and “Notify”) is offered. Building on Android’s rigorous permission control over the location, MIUI 12 takes a step further to manage apps that request sensitive permissions. In addition to location, permissions to access the camera, microphone, contacts, call history, calendar and storage are only allowed under “While using the app” mode. MIUI 12 also protects the user’s privacy in photo sharing: location information and metadata can be removed before the items are sent.

Xiaomi just announced the newest MIUI 12 update 1

Design and animations inspired by nature
MIUI 12 brings the OS experience to life with a revamped UI design and innovative system animations. System-wide, core scene animations are fully refreshed with kernel-level technical innovations. From the elegant opening and closing of apps to the smooth switching between apps, every detail mirrors a refreshing design methodology inspired by nature. With innovative system animations, MIUI 12 introduces a lifelike OS experience to users. By adopting realistic visualizations across the system, information and status are presented to users more efficiently and in a lively manner, making it easier to understand and keep track of the phone’s operations. MIUI 12 introduces the visually stunning Super wallpapers featuring Mars and Earth, which artistically brings Home screen, Lock screen and Always-on display together into one immersive experience.

Xiaomi just announced the newest MIUI 12 update 2

New features and improvements
– Floating windows: MIUI 12 brings state-of-the-art multitasking solutions to date with comprehensively enhanced floating windows. Once enabled, users can easily move, close, and minimize the floating windows with simple operations on the action bar.
– Casting: MIUI 12 provides users with a true presenter’s starter kit with options including “Minimize window”, “Cast with screen off” and “Hide private items”.
– Ultra battery saver: With this feature on, most power-consuming features will be restricted to extend the phone’s standby time. Meanwhile essential functions such as calls, messages and network connectivity won’t be affected to remain usable.
– Dark mode: The enhanced dark mode now adapts to both system apps and all third-party apps in MIUI 12. An option is offered to automatically adjust contrast to better fit into an ambient environment when brightness is reduced. The dark mode also reduces power consumption and helps to ease eye strain.
– App drawer: Once enabled, all installed apps will be placed in the app drawer and users can customize their home screen and sort the apps by categories.

Xiaomi just announced the newest MIUI 12 update 3

The first rollout will be in weeks, and the rest will be rolled out model by model (including the Redmi Note 9, Mi 10, Mi Note 10 and POCO F2 Pro).

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