SKYWORTH TV Autumn Product Launch Tony Wang
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SKYWORTH, a global television brand, today launched SKYWORTH Q71, which is supported by the new coocaa OS 8, at its Autumn Product Launch under the theme of “8K is Here”. At an affordable price point, SKYWORTH Q71 aims to make 8K content available for a wider audience to enjoy. SKYWORTH also introduced the newest product of the “Ablaze” series for the youth in China, SKYWORTH A50.

At the launch, SKYWORTH shared its latest efforts in leading the development of the 5G+8K solutions, in addition to making its first foray into the enterprise market with the new SKYWORTH Business brand. This demonstrates SKYWORTH’s commitment to continuous technological innovation and adding value for its customers.

SKYWORTH TV Autumn Product Launch Tony Wang
SKYWORTH TV Autumn Product Launch Tony Wang

Tony Wang, Chief Executive and President of SKYWORTH TV said: “The current hindrances to mass adoption of 8K TVs are the lack of proper 8K content and the high product prices. As an industry leader in 5G+8K solutions, SKYWORTH is dedicated to bridging the gap. We have been at the forefront of supporting content creation and providing affordable and quality TVs via persistent R&D, so more people can enjoy the supreme visual experience. We are delighted to announce that 8K is here.”

Leading the Integration of 5G+8K into Business and Home Scenarios and Supporting 8K Content Creation

To address the 8K content gap and promote 8K adoption, SKYWORTH has been working on a plethora of initiatives to lead the creation of a robust ecosystem:

  • SKYWORTH has partnered with, a Shanghai-based distributing platform for 8K video content, so its TV users can watch high-resolution clips via the “8K content hub” powered by the new coocaa OS 8.
  • To incubate China’s 8K video content creator network, SKYWORTH is handpicking video creators and will offer them the opportunity to Livestream their high-quality 8K videos or provide their content on-demand to millions of coocaa users. This aims to enhance the 8K content ecosystem.
  • SKYWORTH’s new coocaa OS 8 also provides all-rounded AI-enabled smart experiences to transform modern homes. These include an all-new Cloud Gaming Channel packed with popular games, a large library of audio content for karaoke at home and online learning, as well as a private family message board where users can leave real-time video messages to share their special out-of-home moments with family members.
  • As an industry leader in 5G+8K solutions for business and home scenarios, SKYWORTH has a complete product portfolio from content creation and storage (LIFErecorder 8K camera and 8K coocaa cloud) to content transmission and display (LIFErecorder 5G EXTENDER and 8K TV).

SKYWORTH Q71 – Providing an 8K Experience All the Way with Supreme Audio and Picture Quality, Fast Connection and Innovative Voice Interactions 

SKYWORTH Q71 is the first SKYWORTH TV model to feature the new coocaa OS 8, the massive system upgrade brings consumers unprecedented visual and interactive experiences. Featuring an 8K LED screen, SKYWORTH Q71 supports 8K signal reception, decoding, image signal processing and screen display, giving users a real 8K experience all the way. To ensure optimal picture quality, SKYWORTH Q71 is equipped with advanced technologies including SKYWORTH AIPQ ENGINE 8K Version, SKYWORTH 30+ PICTURE QUALITY TUNING, and 3D LUT Color Correction. Being one of the first few brands in the industry to apply 3D LUT to TVs, SKYWORTH unleashed the full potential of the 8K LED screen and pushed the colour accuracy of SKYWORTH Q71 to the screen’s limit.

SKYWORTH Q71 will bring users the truly immersive sound of Dolby Atmos, taking them deeper into the story with moving audio that fills the room and flows around the audience. Since Dolby Atmos is built into Q71, it has never been easier to get the Dolby Atmos experience at home. Supporting HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi 6, SKYWORTH Q71 offers a seamless wired and wireless connection in the 8K era, where users can enjoy smoother pictures and entertainment experiences.


With the newly upgraded TrensAI VOICE, SKYWORTH Q71 users are looked after by a smart and heart warming personal voice assistant. In addition to updates to far-field voice interactions, voiceprint identification and dialect detection, users can leverage system pre-set voice commands to complete tasks without requiring saying any wake words.

SKYWORTH Q71 will come in 65” and 75” in China, which are available at RMB 11,999 and RMB 17,999 respectively starting from October 1, 2020. Availability in other markets will be announced when ready.

SKYWORTH A50 – Bringing SKYWORTH’s Passion Closer to the Youth

In addition, SKYWORTH also renamed its TV series that brings innovative experiences and advanced TV features to the youth of China to the “Ablaze” series. SKYWORTH A50, the newest product of the series, can be paired with the Swaiot PANEL, expanding it beyond a TV into a big-screen AIoT hub. Young users can control and interact with the smart devices around their houses through SKYWORTH A50 and the Swaiot PANEL, creating a seamless experience at home.

SKYWORTH Business Brand – Offering a Trusted Choice to Business Partners

With 5G, AI, IoT and other emerging technologies, businesses require to display solutions that go beyond traditional means. In view of this, SKYWORTH introduced the SKYWORTH Business brand, which offers four reliable, precise, harmonious and technologically advanced solutions to business partners – Swaiot PROTV, Swaiot Board, Swaiot Signage and Swaiot WALL. They cater to all scenarios, enabling business partners to share information with consumers in a targeted and clear manner.


The Story Behind the Innovation


SKYWORTH Q71 supports 3D LUT COLOR CORRECTION (*available after a software upgrade), which consists of a 17x17x17 3D LUT cube that can calibrate 4,913 colour points. Short for “Look Up Table”, the 3D LUT essentially takes a set of RGB values and returns different RGB values to allow a signal change or adjustment, which can, in turn, transform the colour and tone of an image. 3D LUT effectively fine-tunes colour, saturation and brightness with a multidimensional colour space mapping method. In the film industry, as there are different types of playback equipment, the mapping between different colour spaces is often necessary. 3D LUT uses a film production-level colour calibration algorithm to complete its key function of colour space mapping.

SKYWORTH is one of the first few brands in the industry to ever apply 3D LUT to televisions. To achieve an optimal level of colour accuracy, SKYWORTH used Calman, a widely used calibration software, to autocorrect 3,000 colour points and calibrate the gamma and white balance of the screen. It also partnered with the SoC manufacturer to optimize CalMAN’s data conversion matrix algorithm, which enabled the data exported from CalMAN to be accurately applied to SKYWORTH Q71. This unleashes the full potential of the 8K LED screen and pushes the colour accuracy of SKYWORTH Q71 to the screen’s limit, delivering a true-to-life onsite view of the photo and video shoots and bringing the creator’s vision to life.

The Story Behind the Innovation

As an industry pioneer in the application of 3D LUT in televisions, particularly 8K ones, SKYWORTH encountered various challenges and achieved success through numerous experimental trials and adaptations.

Prior to the start of the project, SKYWORTH carefully studied and compared each model that supports 3D LUT to ensure that the import would meet expectations later. It also used CalMAN to carry out a 3D LUT autocalibration to optimize its effects, and all the data was recorded.

For SKYWORTH Q71 specifically, SKYWORTH underwent multiple rounds of 3D LUT import logic designs (including user import and user call logics) and functionality verifications, overturning and reconstructing the logic design over and over again until a satisfactory result was obtained. With a more comprehensive logic design, users are able to fully understand the 3D LUT function easily. While SKYWORTH provides the best factory-set LUT data, users can easily import customized data and update the LUT files any time.

In terms of the flow of 3D LUT debugging and inspections, the LUT files were firstly configured and generated by CalMAN. They were then imported to SKYWORTH Q71 for testing. If the colour accuracy level is unsatisfactory, a new set of LUT files has to be optimized, configured and generated for another round of testing.

During the debugging process, SKYWORTH also encountered various challenges, for instance, write errors of the equipment, incorrect import of LUT files, and software defects. To grapple with these problems, it joined hands with the SoC manufacturer to examine the software’s data conversion errors and improve its data conversion matrix algorithm, so that data exported from CalMAN can be precisely called.

After 3D LUT was imported into SKYWORTH Q71, SKYWORTH carried out a series of data verification. To raise the colour accuracy, it applied a range of solutions such as further fine-tuning the screen’s gamma and white balance, and correcting 3,000 colour points, followed by a meticulous inspection of more than 100 select colour points. In the end, SKYWORTH proudly pushed the colour accuracy of SKYWORTH Q71 to the screen’s limit.

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