the oneplus world
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OnePlus, has today introduced the all-new OnePlus World, immersive virtual experience for its community across the globe. The company will also invite community members to view the launch event of the much-awaited upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 8T, inside the OnePlus World experience.

the oneplus world

The OnePlus World offers a 360-degree interactive virtual world hosting various activities leading up to the launch day and beyond. Upon entering the OnePlus World, users can create their own unique avatars, styled with a variety of accessories and customizations. The OnePlus World experience also offers an interactive gaming zone where visitors can play a series of exciting games such as Warp, a multiplayer game where players virtually travel inside the red cable moving at extreme speeds to collect warp crystals and gain additional points, and the Hz game, where users embark on a treasure hunt to collect Hz crystals, ranging from 60 Hz and 90Hz to 120Hz crystals and gaining greater speed based on the crystals they successfully obtain.

Users can also visit a virtual #ShotonOnePlus gallery, which showcases the creative works of the OnePlus global community, or swing by the OnePlus Museum to re-live the journey of the OnePlus brand with 3D models of all of OnePlus’ previous devices, starting with the OnePlus One.

Users also gain reward points by visiting OnePlus World and engaging in these activities. The OnePlus World has a dedicated global leaderboard showcasing leading members with the highest points based on their engagement up until launch day. Users with the highest points stand a chance to win the upcoming OnePlus 8T. Similarly, users also stand a chance to win exciting OnePlus rewards daily.

The OnePlus World also houses a virtual auditorium where visitors can watch the upcoming OnePlus 8T launch. Users can also create a virtual room on the platform and invite friends to a private watch party where they can connect through voice or chat while watching the Livestream. Following the launch, users can visit the Ultra Store, a unique 3D store within the OnePlus World experience, to virtually unbox the brand-new OnePlus 8T device and purchase the OnePlus 8T pop-up bundle.

The OnePlus 8T flagship smartphone is set to launch on Wednesday, 14th October, at 3 pm UK time via Livestream on the OnePlus YouTube channel and also through the OnePlus World experience.

Users can register at to experience OnePlus World.

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