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Innovative and subscription-free movie service wevu has now launched in partnership with Tesco to disrupt the home entertainment industry and transform how ‘we view’, gift and buy movies. Bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds of home entertainment for the first time, wevu enables families to watch and own hundreds of their favourite movies in a totally new way.

wevu display

Born to bring joy and entertainment to people during a pandemic, movies can be purchased directly via an online platform (wevumovies.com) accessible through smart TVs and devices. Most uniquely, wevu also has an exclusive partnership with Tesco designed to shake up the UK DVD market. This means that consumers can purchase movies on wevu movie cards in over 450 Tesco supermarkets, as an alternative to physical DVDs.

The new platform also includes all of the latest releases from the big film studios including Paramount Pictures, Sony, Walt Disney, NBC Universal, Signature, Lionsgate and Warner Bros.

‘We’ve created wevu predominately for people who either haven’t yet fully embraced online streaming or who want to gift movies more easily’ says Carl Oxley, wevu’s Managing Director.

Although many consumers in the UK have turned to digital services to access their movies and entertainment at home, 49% of home movie sales are still attributed to physical media. The wevu movie cards are an alternative to DVDs. At checkout, customers are given a code. This can be used to redeem, watch and own films at wevumovies.com or via smart TVs and devices. The cards are designed to be simple to use for those who have not yet embraced online streaming.

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‘The brand new wevu movie cards also make an ideal Christmas gift. Increasingly, people feel less sure about gifting physical DVDs due to the move to online streaming. The great thing about wevu is that people can gift a wevu card with confidence that their loved ones will be able to access them online,’ says wevu’s Carl Oxley.

A Tesco representative says: “wevu builds out our in-store entertainment offering even further, providing a new viewing alternative for our customers, as well as differentiating our proposition in the marketplace. With 16 million active Tesco Clubcard users and a universe that captures and we capture 87% of all UK consumers every year, we are the final piece in the wevu jigsaw. I look forward to seeing the reaction to wevu and watching its ascent.”

wevu is also ideal for those who want to own movies in collaboration with other subscription services. According to a recent study, 29 % of consumers are frustrated that subscription services often only host their favourite content for a limited time. 36 per cent were also frustrated at the expense of subscribing to multiple services. Unlike subscription services, wevu enables you to watch, own and keep your purchased movies.

As part of their launch, wevu is also running a social media competition for one lucky person to win a huge 145 digital movies (worth over £750), which is every single movie available on wevu cards in Tesco stores. People can enter the competition by following the wevu Instagram page and tagging two friends: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJG0qfHFM7r/

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