tech21 Galaxy S21 Impact Ready
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tech21 has launched its new range of ultra-protective phone cases for the new Galaxy S21 series. The Evo range is synonymous with scientifically proven impact protection
and the latest cases are also 5G compatible, meaning they’re ready for use the moment they’re attached to a Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra.

Made with responsibly sourced materials, these cases have both protection and hygiene at the forefront – with every range featuring a built-in formula that reduces microbes by up to 99.99% in just 24 hours. The ultra-thin and lightweight cases feature multi-drop protection, iconic designs and have been developed closely with Samsung to ensure they complement every feature and connection of the new devices.

tech21 Galaxy S21 Impact Ready

This range features the bestselling Evo Check – tech21’s signature range of cases that offer premium levels of protection for devices and their cameras. These tactile cases offer 12ft drop protection and scratch resistance, with an angular rib pattern around the edges providing both improved levels of protection and an enhanced 5G connection.

The transparent Evo Clear and Evo Tint cases allow users to enjoy the original Samsung design of their new devices, while the built-in hygienic formula keeps things consistently clean. The Evo Slim cases are presented in an appealing charcoal black and are made for everyday use, while Evo Wallet cases have a focus on convenience with a pocket for two cards, a stand function and a secure, moulded locking clasp (no metal to enhance the 5G connection). Tech21 is also giving its customers the chance to get their hands on Evo Sparkle cases with a shimmering, holographic effect.
Commenting on the launch, tech21 CEO Colin Woodward, said: “We know that our cases already offer unbeatable drop protection, but now we’re focusing on keeping them as hygienically clean as possible.”

“Our team of materials scientists are always looking for ways to innovate and improve on what has come before and we’re delighted with our latest range of Galaxy S21 cases. Every range has been tested using methods approved by our partners at the National Physical Laboratory to ensure they offer unbeatable levels of drop protection. We’re excited to help Galaxy fans protect their latest device in style.”

tech21’s Evo range is made from the most advanced materials and now includes built-in hygienic protection, reducing 99.99% of microbes in just 24 hours. Their best-selling Evo Check
features the iconic checked pattern, increased camera protection and interchangeable buttons to mix things up.

Prices start from £29.99/$39.99.

Evo Clear is fully transparent, made with a UV-resistant material to prevent yellowing; Evo Tint adds a cool carbon shade to its clear design; Evo Wallet contains convenient and secure pockets for two cards; Evo Sparkle has an iridescent, holographic effect; and Evo Slim is perfect for keeping phones protected on a day-to-day basis. Prices start from £19.99/$29.99.
For 360-degree protection, their Galaxy S21 screen protectors (glass for S21 and S21+; film for S21 Ultra) offer the same level of hygienic protection, scratch resistance and an easy-to-apply installation tool.

Prices start from £19.99/$29.99

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