HONOR Earth Day removing toxic substances
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Honor has today announced its latest green initiatives ahead of the 52nd Earth Day, which includes adopting renewable soy ink for printing, removing toxic substances in the manufacturing process, following stringent environmental standards, and developing a recycling program. This is the first time HONOR revealed its progress in environmental protection efforts.

HONOR Earth Day soy ink package

“At HONOR, we are dedicated to taking a sustainable approach to our business operations, pursuing a harmonious balance between technology development and environmental protection,” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. “We strive to create reliable and innovative products for our customers with green initiatives in mind, at the same time making a conscious effort to achieve sustainability for our planet.”

Product Packages Designed with Environmental Awareness in Mind

HONOR is committed to using eco-friendly soy ink to replace non-renewable traditional petroleum-based ink across the production of all product packages and user manuals. HONOR has been printing product packages and manuals with soy ink, which has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 68 tonnes, which is equivalent to the volume of carbon dioxide that can be absorbed by 3,778 trees in a single year.

Removing Toxic Substances from HONOR Devices

HONOR has a mission to create innovative technology and remains mindful of our impact on the environment while achieving our goals. The company has gone one step ahead to prohibit the use of six potentially harmful substances that have not yet been regulated by laws.

HONOR Earth Day removing toxic substances

HONOR spends hundreds of millions of RMB annually in this process to minimize the potential environmental impact. This has been implemented in all HONOR mobile phones, tablets, and wearable products, which has eliminated around 2,896 tons of potentially harmful substances.

Meeting the Highest Grade of Environment Standards

HONOR strives to reduce the impact of its manufacturing process and business operations on the environment by carrying out life cycle management from the stage of raw materials selection to waste disposal. All HONOR smartphones and tablets have achieved grade A by the China Quality Certification (CQC) Center. In total, 54 products across HONOR’s entire portfolio have obtained this accreditation.

Recycling and Reusing Electronics

Advanced reuse and recycling system can greatly reduce the cost of production while preserving the unnecessary consumption of natural resources.

HONOR Earth Day recycling

HONOR currently operates advanced and professional recycling and reuse program. Since 2017, HONOR has recycled over 1,650 tonnes of electronic waste from its distribution channels.

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