2121 Future Photography Project Oppo
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Oppo has launched the 2121 Future Photography Project, a campaign to encourage people from around the world to capture and share the everyday memories they want to preserve.

2121 Future Photography Project Oppo


The 2121 Future Photography Project invites people to share photos, accompanied by a message to the future; one they believe will resonate 100 years from now.

Inspiration for these shots can be taken from everyday moments: the people around them, their space or their natural environment. It’s a call-out to capture life’s meaningful memories and to always hope for a better future.

Images and messages will be posted to Instagram, and tagged #dearfuture2121 and #shotonOPPO.

A winning combination

To encourage as many entries as possible OPPO has created a package of prizes and awards. Every participant has the chance to win one of 80 travel opportunities with a $400 fund for a future trip to visit friends, families or longed-for destinations.

An additional 200 participants, whose photos are selected to feature on OPPO’s official website and Instagram account, will receive full-year access to professional photography courses on Masterclass.

A final 50 winners, selected by a team of professional photographers, will receive an exclusive display of their photographs on OPPO’s official website and social media platforms at the end of the campaign.

For more information, please find: https://events.oppo.com/en/2121-future-photography-project/


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