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The HUAWEI MateBook E (RRP £999.99) is now available from the HUAWEI Store and selected retailers from today (6th April in Grey). If you purchase from the Huawei Store before the 19th April 2022, users can get their hands on a FREE M Pencil (2nd Gen) and a pair of HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro.

MKT MateBook E Nebula Gray 09 Ultra HD HQ JPG 20210805

The HUAWEI MateBook E combines the advantages of traditional laptops and tablets to suit various needs by freely changing its form. Taking full advantage of its professional performance and excellent audio-visual capabilities, it has become an ideal choice across all scenarios, be it work or study.


today announced the HUAWEI MateBook E, the first Huawei 2-in-1 Windows 11 laptop, featuring a new design and the first-ever HUAWEI OLED Real Colour FullView Display.

MKT MateBook E Nebula Gray Smart Magnetic Keyboard and PC 01 Ultra HD HQ JPG 20210805

The new HUAWEI MateBook E is specifically designed for consumers who wish to stay productive on the go, empowering them to be more productive anytime, anywhere, no matter they are working, creating or studying. Featuring a versatile hybrid design, smart interaction features, pro-grade performance and outstanding multimedia solutions, the new 2-in-1 device is a powerful productivity tool combining the advantages of traditional laptops and tablets to help users get work done faster and more efficiently.


Inspired by minimalism, the new HUAWEI MateBook E is a lightweight and portable laptop featuring a pure and simple design. It is the first Huawei laptop to have the HUAWEI OLED Real Colour FullView Display, which has pro-grade colour efficiency and a peak brightness of 600 nits for a consistent viewing experience even if it is used under direct sunlight. For the first time, the Huawei laptop is compatible with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation). Paired with the 2-in-1 device, the stylus remains responsive as ever, supporting 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and as low as just 2ms latency. HUAWEI MateBook E is also compatible with the HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard, which supports multiple viewing angles for users to the 2-in-1 laptop comfortably. In addition, the HUAWEI MateBook E can work collaboratively with other HarmonyOS devices including earphones, printers and displays. Transforming the 2-in-1 laptop into a mobile productivity powerhouse, the new features work in harmony to improve the versatility of the 2-in-1 laptop across different usage scenarios, whether the user is at home or in the office.


Pro-grade performance packed in a lightweight and portable body

Expressing the cutting edge aesthetic and internal design to the fullest, HUAWEI MateBook E weighs only about 709g and measures just 7.99mm thin. The rounded edges along the sides are also unlike their sharper counterparts found in conventional laptops, producing a smoother look while offering a more comfortable grip.

The 12.6-inch HUAWEI OLED Real Colour FullView Display has a screen-to-body ratio of 90 per cent. It supports a peak brightness of 600 nits, a P3 wide colour gamut and has a pro-grade colour accuracy of ∆ E < 1. These ensure that no matter whether it is being used for displaying any content, indoors or out, the display remains sharp and bright. Furthermore, HUAWEI MateBook E employs hardware-level low blue light technology and is the first Huawei 2-in-1 laptop to receive the TÜV Rheinland Full-Care Eye Care 2.0 certification.

Featuring the 11th Generation Intel Core processor and the Intel Iris Xe graphics, the HUAWEI MateBook E supports up to 16GB dual-channel RAM and up to 512GB of high-speed solid-state drive for great multi-tasking performance and fulfilling storage needs. All models of the 2-in-1 laptop come standard with Independent Shark Fin Fanand includes an eight-layer heat dissipation stack, delivering a high cooling performance that sets a new bar for 2-in-1 laptops.

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Even better detached

The display of the HUAWEI MateBook E can be detached and used as a tablet. For annotation and presentation, the 2-in-1 laptop and HUAWEI M-Pencil can offer an even better experience in tablet form.

As the first Huawei laptop to support HUAWEI M-Pencil, HUAWEI MateBook E offers the exceptional writing experience that was previously exclusively on Huawei tablets to laptop users. Not only does the stylus support 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, but it also supports tilt and can achieve an input latency as low as 2ms[3] for a responsive, authentic writing experience. By double-tapping the barrel, users can access additional features to boost their productivity even further.

The pre-installed Windows 11 has also improved touch features that address the common pain points that users have when using 2-in-1 laptops in tablet form. Now, the operating system supports multi-finger gestures for task switching, greatly streamlining the complex multitasking controls for a vastly improved tablet form experience.

HUAWEI MateBook E is equipped with four microphones and four microphones. With the HUAWEI SOUND full-stack solution that takes full advantage of the hardware and software algorithms, the new Huawei laptop offers industry-leading sound pickup and audio performance. Ambient noise is effectively minimised by the Huawei-developed AI noise cancellation and personal voice enhancement technology for a better user experience in audio calls. The solution can also automatically optimise the audio for four common scenarios (Music, Movie, Call, Game), so users can enjoy great immersive sounds without any manual adjustment.

The front and rear cameras on the HUAWEI MateBook E are all equipped with high-resolution sensors and a wide aperture lens. For connectivity, the laptop has an innovatively designed antenna system that ensures high-speed connectivity for everything from streaming multimedia content to business conference calls.

Smart office features that tear down the boundaries between devices

The versatile and feature-rich HUAWEI MateBook E is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet that offers the best of both worlds. However, with Huawei smart office features, its utility is taken to a whole new level.

HUAWEI MateBook E tears down the boundaries separating itself and other Huawei mobile devices to enable not just seamless data transfer, but also the sharing of hardware capabilities. With Super Device, connected devices can easily collaborate and share capabilities with each other. From a user’s perspective, this revolutionary distributed technology-based feature allows them to seamlessly and easily use multiple devices at once just like they are using a single one. Functions such as Multi-Screen Collaboration and Cross-device File Management has been fully upgraded

2-in-1 laptops are the future of mobile productivity

Technological advancements have enabled a new mode of working that is quickly gaining popularity. Referred to as ‘hybrid working’, this new working style is defined by the freedom for people to choose to work wherever they want. The rise of mobile and home offices has also created new career opportunities, but while they are flexible, working from these settings also means people have to stay productive at all times. And to stay productive, users are demanding more specific and custom hardware options. Informed by this insight, Huawei continued its journey to discovering new ways to better empower consumers. As the newest smart office laptop to join the all-scenario ecosystem, the HUAWEI MateBook E is making a comeback to push the envelope. It is poised to become one of the most popular productivity laptops and will spearhead the growth of 2-in-1 laptops as more consumers adopt the hybrid working style.



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