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Quality, small and rock-solid sound; that’s what you look for in a good pair of wireless earbuds. The earbuds should have a good quality material that can withstand a knock, be small and compact so you can take them anywhere and deliver naturally smashing sound for you to enjoy.

The Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless earbuds are the latest model of wireless earbuds from the sound brand that usually stands for sky-high quality for an affordable price of £129.99 from Sennheiser.

IMG 20220407 112420

Enjoy in Sound

The simple answer is: yes, you certainly can. That alone does not end the matter, because with hardware such as earplugs there are no simple answers. The only simple thing about the CX Plus True Wireless is that the sound is deafeningly good and that with complete noise cancellation.

Almost every song you play with the earbuds sounds clear and accurate. It is especially striking how well the ears are balanced. Bass tones do not drown out the sound and the more subtle sounds also come into their own.

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You get the best sound when you turn on the noise-cancelling feature. This turns on immediately when the earphones are started up (automatically when you take them out of the case). You can easily operate the earphones via simple gesture control, whereby a simple tap on the left earpiece turns noise-cancelling on or off.

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With the noise cancelling on, you immediately have no awareness of the world around you. At least, when it comes to outside noise. This is completely wiped out, so you can enjoy music to the fullest. 

If you do want to hear the ambient sounds, the CX Plus True Wireless also offers this option. You can turn on the transparent mode so that you can clearly see everything that is said in the room. In that respect, earphones offer a lot of options and you are prepared for any situation.

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The charging case is a bit on the large side, although it can take a beating thanks to the robust material, the larger charging case can provide a lot of extra power. This means you don’t have to put the box on the charger too often, while you also don’t feel like your ears are empty.

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If you’re looking for fantastic noise-cancelling earphones at an affordable price, look no further than the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless. In terms of sound quality and functions, you do not compromise with the CX Plus True Wireless. In fact, the bean-shaped earbuds bring top-shelf quality.

With a robust charging case that extends the battery life of your earphones, you are certainly in the right place, even though the box could have been a bit smaller in design. Fortunately, the large shape feels safe and the box can take a beating.


  • strong price
  • Fantastic sound
  • Noise-cancelling with transparent mode
  • Lasts a long time


  • The charging case is a bit on the big side
  • updating firmware can take forever


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