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OPPO announced the Billion Colour Campaign, a partnership with Hasselblad Heroine and professional photographer Andrea Zvadova. The global smartphone brand has focused on colour imaging through years of innovation and is now showcasing the amazing colour capabilities of its flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

oppo science museum

“Billion Colour” refers not only to OPPO’s innovation in colour imaging, such as the 10-bit Full-Path Colour Engine, which can capture, store, and display 1.07 billion colours but also to the very essence of colour itself. There are a billion ways to interpret and enjoy colour, and everyone has their own idea of the perfect colour. This campaign aims to highlight OPPO’s pursuit of the best colour solution for its users.

Bingo Liu, OPPO Europe CEO, commented: “OPPO has made colour a priority for a long time, with innovations like the 10-bit Full-Path Colour Engine, MariSilicon X imaging NPU, and collaboration with Hasselblad – we have shown our commitment to finding the best colour solution for our users. Working with a photographer like Andrea Zvadova who loves colour and captures it beautifully is a great way to display the capabilities of the OPPO Find X5 Pro’s camera system.”

Zvadova shot a breathtaking set of pictures with the OPPO Find X5 Pro, featuring an arrangement of flowers in many different colours, demonstrating the device’s ability to take beautiful photos on a professional level. When describing her setup, Zvadova commented: “I like creating sets that make you stop and try to discern exactly what you are looking at. It may be a form of visual puzzle, a magic trick, or just a deep dive down a rabbit hole. The floral still life I created for OPPO is a mix of the real and the imaginary.” Behind-the-scenes footage of this photoshoot can be seen on the OPPO Europe YouTube channel from 27th October.

The Billion Colour Masterclass, a smartphone photography experience that will take guests on a journey of colour, will also be part of this campaign. During the event, Zvadova will talk about her experience with the OPPO Find X5 Pro and share tips and tricks on how to achieve amazing photos with the device. Attendees will also participate in the Billion Colour Lab, where Zvadova’s setup will be recreated, and they will get to capture amazing photos with the Find X5 Pro.

Of her experience with the device, Zvadova said: “The difference between the OPPO Find X5 Pro and a professional camera is that the OPPO Find X5 Pro is much easier to use. It’s more intuitive, lightweight, and it’s instant. It has a lot of features the public could use easily, and it looks fantastic. Just look at the results – you can’t go wrong.”

The Masterclass, taking place on October 27th at the Science Museum in London, will also highlight OPPO’s long-term partnership with Hasselblad, the legendary camera manufacturer. Eliza Li, OPPO Europe CMO, will be sharing details about this collaboration and give attendees an inside look at how these two worlds came together to co-develop the OPPO Find X5 Pro camera. It will also feature Arne Herkelmann, OPPO Europe head of Product Management, and Luke Stackpoole, photographer and OPPO Ambassador 2022, who will participate in a panel talk about the importance of colour in photography.

In addition to the Masterclass event, OPPO is also hosting a social competition on Twitter, offering a chance to win an OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphone. To enter, follow @OPPOEurope.

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