OnePlus Featuring
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OnePlus has celebrated its ninth year since its incorporation in 2013 by launching “OnePlus Featuring”, a new benchmark for co-creating with its users.

Taking co-creation to the next ambitious level, OnePlus Featuring is a new platform which reaffirms co-creation as one of the fundamental cultures of OnePlus. OnePlus Featuring will see OnePlus begin work with third parties who share the same vision as OnePlus. The final product will be sold around the world on the new ‘OnePlus Featuring’ platform

OnePlus Featuring

Earlier this year, OnePlus held several rounds of voting among its users to decide which product it should produce next. After tallying the results, OnePlus began working on an entirely new product for the company – a customizable mechanical keyboard. And to make sure the keyboard gives users the best experience, OnePlus will be co-creating the product with established mechanical keyboard manufacturer Keychron. This will mark the first time that OnePlus has invited an industry partner to join its co-creation process.

More details about the mechanical keyboard will be announced early next year, and users can sign up to receive alerts on the OnePlus Featuring platform.