OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro hero
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OnePlus has announced its first fully-customizable mechanical keyboard engineered with Keychron technology the OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro, which is also the first commercial product to be globally released from the co-creation platform OnePlus Featuring. The keyboard breaks further ground by introducing the innovative Marble-mallow keycaps, which offer the ultimate typing experience. This high-performing mechanical keyboard delivers overall comfort, functionality, and durability.

Designed to Stand Out

Designed by the OnePlus team, OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro carries the brand’s signature premium style. The alert slider adapted from OnePlus smartphones introduces yet another keyboard first in the industry. With the OnePlus red ‘esc’ key design and the rotary knob, performing in the authentic and orthodox OnePlus way. Users can also customize the rotary knob function to suit personal preferences.

The meticulously crafted aluminium body delivers a flawless experience. Ultra-precise CNC aluminium guarantees a fine matte feel that’s smooth to the touch and looks sleek. The premium build quality extends to the crafted aerolite touch, providing a balanced experience that lasts.

The OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro sets itself apart further with its Marble-mallow keycaps. It utilizes a thermoplastic material to produce a soft bounce in each press for ultimate comfort, enhanced hand feel, and optimal durability.

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro hero

Mechanical Switches Co-Created with OnePlus Community

The Keyboard 81 Pro is a groundbreaking product from OnePlus Featuring, a brand new platform that consistently brings powerful, co-created outcomes to OnePlus users. One of the highlighted features co-created with the OnePlus Community is its keyboard switches. After gathering feedback and expectations from users, OnePlus tapped Keychron’s industry-renowned technology, which allowed OnePlus to craft versatile keyboard switches.

Dedicated mechanical switches are designed to meet the user’s complex needs. Coming with the optimized tactile switch and silky-smooth linear switch, the product succeeds in delivering a comfortable and responsive experience in both. The keyboard is equipped with a specialized double gasket to ensure decreased sound and the delivery of all-day comfort, whether the user is working or gaming.

Advanced Features for Efficiency and Customization

To keep users’ needs in mind, OnePlus collaborated with top keyboard brand Keychron to create a keyboard layout and connection that operates perfectly with multiple operating systems including MacOS, Windows and Linux, as well as with products using Android OS.

Users can also enjoy customizable features, including open-source firmware such as QMK and VIA to allow for real-time control. Keys may be remapped, and come with multiple RGB lighting effects. The hot swap feature brings balance and makes it nearly fully customizable so it is optimized for both works and play.

The OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro shows OnePlus’s unwavering commitment to “Never Settle” in delivering customer-centric products and is the first of many global available products that will be co-created through the OnePlus Featuring platform.

OnePlus Featuring 81 Pro Keyboard, including availability and pricing, will be available in the coming weeks.