XGIMI Dual light
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XGIMI has made a significant breakthrough in projector technology by introducing Dual-Light technology, which combines LED and laser light sources to create a natural spectrum, ultra-high brightness, and a vast colour gamut with high colour accuracy. This technology utilizes 2 light sources with 6 wavelengths based on 278 patented technologies, resulting in a comfortable viewing experience for the eyes.

XGIMI Dual light

Traditionally, projectors have relied on either LED or laser light sources, each with its own strengths and limitations. LED provides high colour fidelity but lacks brightness, while laser offers high brightness but a narrow wavelength band that can make viewing uncomfortable. By combining the two light sources, XGIMI has harnessed their individual strengths to create a powerful technology that delivers ultra-high colour gamut and brightness while maintaining natural spectrum and eye comfort.

XGIMI Dual Light technology achieves an average Delta E value of around 1, which is unmatched in the industry and comparable to professional colour monitors. The colour gamut covers 95.5% of the DCI-P3 colour space and 99.9% of the BT709 colour space. These impressive figures translate to a brightness of 2300 ISO lumens, making XGIMI Dual Light technology the ideal solution for those looking for bright and colourful projections.

Moreover, XGIMI Dual Light technology offers a comfortable watching experience by avoiding the frosty, grainy image produced by three colour lasers and eliminating colour fringing that can cause text and graphics to appear glaring and blurred.

Steven Xiao, the CEO of XGIMI, stated that while brightness is essential, accurate colour is the cornerstone of brightness, and XGIMI has always insisted on delivering both. XGIMI Dual Light “The technology’s colour accuracy is the first to pass the certifications double high colour standard of SGS from Switzerland and TÜV Süd from Germany.”

In conclusion, XGIMI Dual Light technology represents a significant leap forward for the entire projector industry, and its launch in Europe is eagerly anticipated.