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The Sennheiser SoundProtex earplugs protect your hearing while enhancing your enjoyment of live music. They use patented membrane filter technology to reduce the sound pressure that reaches your ear, without compromising the clarity and balance of the sound. Whether at a rock concert, a festival, or a club, you can listen safely for longer with SoundProtex.


SoundProtex earplugs come with two or four acoustic filters, depending on the model, that offers different levels of attenuation. The Low filter reduces the sound by 10 dB, the Mid filter by 17 dB, and the Full-Block filter by 25 dB. You can choose the filter that suits your needs and preferences. The filters also preserve ambient awareness, so you can still have a normal conversation at a concert.


SoundProtex earplugs are reusable and easy to clean. Just wipe them off after use or rinse them under water. They are made of soft silicone material that fits comfortably in your ear canal. They also come with a handy storage case that you can attach to your keychain or belt loop.

If you love music and care about your hearing, SoundProtex earplugs are the perfect choice for you. They are available from retail stores or online. Order yours today and experience the difference that Sennheiser’s sound quality can make.

SoundProtex earplugs are not like ordinary earplugs. They have special acoustic filters that reduce the volume of loud noises without distorting the sound quality. You can still hear the music clearly and naturally but at a safe level. Whether you are at a concert, a club, or a party, you can rock out without risking your hearing.

SoundProtex earplugs are also very comfortable and easy to use. They come with three sizes of ear tips that fit snugly and securely in your ears. They are made of soft, flexible, medical-grade TPE material that is gentle on your skin and free of harmful substances. They also come with a small pouch bag that you can use to store and carry them around.


But that’s not all. SoundProtex earplugs are also versatile and adaptable. You can use them for other purposes besides listening to music. For example, you can use them to block out unwanted noise when you need to focus, relax, or sleep. Just switch to the full-block filter that comes with the package and enjoys complete silence. You can also use them to protect your ears from water when swimming, as they are air-and water-tight.

If you want even more options, you can upgrade to the SoundProtex Plus earplugs. They come with two extra acoustic filters that let you choose between three levels of sound attenuation. You can adjust the filters according to the situation and your preference. Whether you need strong protection for loud events, medium protection for moderate noise, or low protection for quiet environments, SoundProtex Plus has you covered.

SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus earplugs are the perfect companions for music lovers who care about their hearing. They are available now at Sennheiser’s online store and selected retailers.

Pricing and availability

The Sennheiser SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus will be available for pre-order on 16th May 2023 and will go on sale on 30th May, with an MSRP of £34.99 and £69.99 respectively.