Dreo WiFi Fan
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Dreo has announced that the Dreo Cruiser Pro T2 S WiFi will be available at a discounted price on Amazon UK next week. You can enjoy 41% off from the 31st of July 2023, 00:00 BST – 6th of August 2023, 23:45 BST Daily price: £119.99 Deal price: £69.99

Dreo WiFi Fan
Dreo Crusier Pro T2 S WiFi
  • Hands-Free Control: Alexa and Google Assistant make it easier and faster to control your Tower Fan from anywhere. Even when you can’t find the remote control, access your Dreo oscillating fan easily with the Dreo App
  • Massive Cooling Power: Dominate heat even at the most extreme conditions. The large 42-inch oscillating fan comes with a powerful motor and an airflow design that delivers faster cooling speeds with a massive 1236 CFM. Get cooling airflow even in the largest rooms and forget the sweltering summers with Dreo
  • Quiet Without Compromise: Get the best of both worlds, the acoustic isolation design of this oscillating fan ensures noise reduction to a minimum of 34dB, while delivering a refreshing air breeze either at night or while you are focused working
  • Heat Under Control: The floor fan auto mode senses your cooling needs during the hottest hours of the day, adapting windspeeds so you can stay cool without the stress of reaching your remote control
  • Reclaim Your Sleep: Engineered for maximum comfort, when preparing for bedtime, the tower fan’s enhanced sleep mode automatically finds the perfect balance between cooling and white noise while turning off the display brightness