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When it comes to tablet design, the Honor Pad X9 immediately grabs your attention with its captivating screen. Boasting an expansive 11.5-inch display, it’s undeniably substantial, setting it apart from its competitors like the 10.8-inch iPad Air. What’s remarkable, however, is Honor’s ingenious efforts to house this large screen within a remarkably compact design. With an impressive 86 per cent screen-to-body ratio and sleek bezels hugging the edges, the Pad X9 exudes a sense of sophistication that’s hard to ignore. While it may not flaunt the ultra-premium finish synonymous with the iPad, the textured aluminium back lends a satisfying solidity, all packed within a slim 6.9mm profile.

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Weighing in at a mere 495g, the Pad X9 manages to maintain its lightweight stature despite its size, only slightly edging out the smaller iPad Air’s 462g. This portability ensures comfortable one-handed use, although the ample screen real estate naturally lends itself to more immersive two-handed interactions., priced at £179.99 from HiHonor, Argos, Amazon and other retailers.

Immersive Display and Impressive Audio

The crown jewel of the Honor Pad X9 is its dazzling 11.5-inch display. This IPS LCD screen shines with vibrant clarity, boasting a resolution of 2000 x 1200 that transcends the boundaries of standard HD. The display offers full 100 per cent sRGB coverage, resulting in vivid colour reproduction, while its remarkable 120Hz refresh rate guarantees a buttery-smooth performance. Although exact brightness levels aren’t detailed, my outdoor interaction revealed its commendable resistance to reflections, although optimal movie enjoyment outdoors might require a bit more luminance.

Colours pop with vibrancy on the Honor Pad X9, occasionally venturing slightly into the realm of oversaturation but remaining visually pleasing overall. Navigating menus and launching applications is a delight on this display, providing a genuinely enjoyable experience.

A six-speaker configuration elevates the auditory experience on the Pad X9. Crafted to deliver enhanced volume, deeper bass, and 360-degree sound, the positioning of the speakers contributes to an immersive sonic journey. Notably, the tablet’s two bottom speakers project sound downwards, ingeniously bouncing it off surfaces for a cinematic effect. Although a comprehensive evaluation is needed, Honor’s attention to audio detail at this price point is unquestionably commendable.

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Under the Hood: Hardware and Software

Beneath its sleek exterior, the Honor Pad X9 conceals a robust hardware setup. With a respectable 128GB storage and 4GB RAM, powered by the Snapdragon 685 chipset, the tablet stands as a mid-tier performer. While not in flagship territory, its performance proves capable of a variety of tasks. My experience included navigating the Android 13-based MagicOS 7.1, seamlessly browsing webpages, and engaging with pre-installed applications without encountering any hitches.

One standout feature is the integration of Google Kids Space, solidifying the Pad X9’s appeal in the family market. This addition positions the tablet as a rival to Amazon’s popular Fire Tablet Kids, granting young users access to curated content within a secure environment. Parents wield complete control over content choices and screen time limits via the Family Link App, offering peace of mind.

Honor Pad X9

Camera-wise, the Pad X9 boasts a main rear camera and a dual-ring camera bump, alongside a selfie camera, this tablet is also well-prepared in the endurance department, housing a substantial 7250mAh battery. This power source ensures extended movie-watching sessions and more before requiring a recharge.

In conclusion, the Honor Pad X9 effortlessly blends a sizable, captivating display with a sleek, compact design. Despite not touting the premium aura of its counterparts, its textured aluminium back exudes durability. The display dazzles with vibrant colours and smooth performance, while the sound setup augments the audio experience. The HONOR Pad X9 it has an Unmatched Display, Incredible Audio, and Massive Storage Under the hood, mid-tier hardware powers seamless interactions, and the inclusion of Google Kids Space amplifies its family-friendly appeal. With a competitive price point, the Honor Pad X9 stands poised to carve a niche for itself in the tablet market.

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