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OnePlus is gearing up to introduce its inaugural foldable smartphone in select international markets in the near future. In alignment with its enduring commitment to the “Never Settle” ethos, OnePlus is committed to delivering a foldable device that not only guarantees a top-tier flagship experience but also boasts the added advantage of a spacious display. The future is now OPEN.

A Marvel Forged by Dual Powerhouses Pete Lau, overseeing both OPPO and OnePlus product domains, maintains a persistent focus on crafting exceptional products. With an unwavering dedication to users’ needs, OnePlus commences its journey by identifying user requirements and endeavours to provide streamlined designs, along with swift and seamless user experiences.

Since the union of OPPO and OnePlus in 2021, the combined research and development capabilities of the company have grown substantially. We’ve introduced numerous cutting-edge technologies and garnered a favourable reputation among consumers. Notably, OPPO has successfully launched two generations of foldable devices, while OnePlus received widespread acclaim for the OnePlus 11.

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This folding phone is a collaborative effort between the OPPO and OnePlus teams, driven by a desire to harness the synergy of both teams’ strengths. Each team has amassed significant experience in their respective domains, and this folding phone will employ distinct go-to-market strategies in different regions, ensuring accessibility for a broader user base.

Our singular objective is to create the ultimate folding phone. The OPPO team brings extensive expertise in foldable design and camera technologies, while OnePlus is renowned for delivering fast and seamless experiences, unburdened designs, and peak hardware performance. Thus, the decision to merge these formidable strengths in crafting this folding phone was a natural one. And one more thing to delight OnePlus fans – the iconic alert slider will also grace this folding phone.

Unleashing Hinge Potential through Expertise Unlike traditional slab-style devices, foldable smartphones hinge on a crucial feature: the hinge itself. The hinge not only influences the internal space utilization but also plays a pivotal role in determining durability and longevity.

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With a dedicated portfolio of over six hundred hinge design patents, OnePlus has made remarkable strides in perfecting the foldable experience. Those who recall the inaugural Find N foldable from two years ago will remember the seamless closure without any gap, a testament to our hinge’s prowess. The phone remains securely held together even if a thin piece of paper is inserted between its halves.

For the OnePlus foldable, we’ve developed 35 patents specifically tailored to enhance the hinge. Through meticulous material selection, we’ve achieved a reduction in both hinge size and weight while bolstering its strength.

Compared to the hinge in the OPPO Find N2, the hinge in the OnePlus foldable boasts a remarkable 31 fewer components. This not only contributes to a lighter device but also underscores advancements in material design and overall strength. Notably, the hinge in the OnePlus foldable is 37% smaller than its counterpart in the Find N2.

By optimizing the hinge size, we’ve created more room within the device, paving the way for an array of exciting user experiences. The sleeker hinge design unlocks new possibilities for the foldable phone, augmenting its functionality and user satisfaction.

The Ultimate Foldable Phone OnePlus may not be the first entrant in this arena, but once we committed to this venture, we resolved to deliver the finest foldable phone in the market.

When considering users’ demand for a foldable device, their yearning for a larger display is unmistakable. Simultaneously, they expect a device that remains compact and ergonomic to hold. This is precisely the equilibrium we’ve striven to achieve.