OnePlus Open invite
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OnePlus has today announced that on the 19th of October, the vibrant city of Mumbai will witness the grand debut of OnePlus’s first foldable flagship smartphone – the OnePlus Open.

Daring to be different and poised to challenge the status quo in the foldable smartphone market, the OnePlus Open represents a significant leap forward for OnePlus. The very name, “Open,” reflects not only a revolutionary form factor but also OnePlus’s commitment to exploring uncharted territories in the world of mobile technology. With the tagline “Open for Everything,” OnePlus embraces boundless possibilities and a forward-thinking approach, promising to push the boundaries of smartphone design and user experience.

OnePlus Open invite

Kinder Liu, the President and COO of OnePlus shared his vision for the OnePlus Open, stating, “The OnePlus Open is the realization of a dream, aimed at shattering the existing compromise between display technology, imaging prowess, and device weight that has become the norm in today’s foldable device landscape.”

The OnePlus Open takes pride in inheriting OnePlus’s hallmark traits of speed and smoothness, all wrapped in an elegant, lightweight, and remarkably slim design. Its display is poised to redefine user expectations, boasting an imperceptible screen crease. This innovation, combined with unprecedented imaging capabilities, efficient software, and a focus on premium quality, will collectively reshape the very essence of foldable smartphones.

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The OnePlus Open stands as a testament to OnePlus’s relentless pursuit of excellence. With this groundbreaking device, they aim to elevate the foldable smartphone game, delivering a comprehensive flagship-level experience that challenges the current norms and elevates the standards for foldable devices to unprecedented heights.

In the coming days, the tech world will be eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the OnePlus Open in Mumbai, and as the event approaches, the anticipation for this remarkable foldable flagship is sure to reach a fever pitch. Stay tuned for the official launch event and prepare to witness the dawn of a new era in foldable smartphone technology with the OnePlus Open.