Wanted Dead
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The “Wanted: Dead” game has been slashed 50% off the price for this Black Friday, it blends elements of hack-n-slash melee combat and third-person shooter mechanics. With its cyberpunk setting and a focus on a gritty storyline in a dystopian Hong Kong, it seems to offer a unique and intense gaming experience.
Using a combination of melee combat and shooting mechanics, along with a diverse arsenal of weapons, provides players with a wide range of options to take down enemies. The emphasis on finisher moves adds a brutal and satisfying element to the gameplay.
With the narrative surrounding the Zombie Unit’s investigation into a corporate conspiracy in a cyberpunk version of Hong Kong adds depth and intrigue to the game. This setting, with its mix of advanced technology and retro-futuristic elements, creates a visually captivating environment.
The game’s dedication to delivering a challenging experience by battling through various adversaries, including mercenaries, synthetics, and security forces, suggests that players will need strategy and skill to progress. The incorporation of old-school beat ’em-up mechanics in a modern twist, along with the homage to sixth-generation consoles, may resonate with gamers who appreciate nostalgia while experiencing a reimagined take on the genre.
Overall, “Dead Wanted” appears to offer an action-packed and immersive gaming experience for fans of both hack-n-slash and shooter genres, set in a compelling cyberpunk world with a gripping storyline.


Wanted Dead

With 110 Industries slashing 50% off the price of Wanted: Dead for PC and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S for Black Friday. Wanted: Dead will be 50% off for Xbox Series X/S from 17th – 30th November, Wanted: Dead will be 50% off on Steam from 21st – 28th November, Wanted: Dead will be 60% off for Sony PS4/PS5 in the US, EU and Asia from 27th November  – 20th December.