OnePlus 10th Anniversary
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OnePlus has announced its 10th anniversary, celebrating an era of disruption and groundbreaking innovation within the smartphone industry. This remarkable journey embarked with a vision to deliver unparalleled smartphone technology, and throughout the decade, has been defined by an unwavering commitment to crafting an exceptional user experience.

Founder Pete Lau took the opportunity to share reflections on this extraordinary journey with the OnePlus community forum. From the impactful launch of the OnePlus One to the revolutionary OnePlus 11, the ethos of “Never Settle” has been the guiding force propelling OnePlus to redefine the expectations of smartphones.

OnePlus 10th Anniversary

Each innovation, from the seamless OS experience to pioneering fingerprint technology, SuperVOOC charging, collaboration with Hasselblad, and the Trinity Engine performance optimization platform, has consistently pushed the boundaries of user expectations from their devices.

This year, OnePlus upheld its commitment to innovation by introducing the OnePlus Open, a device that made an immediate impact in the emerging foldable smartphone market. The overwhelming response and rapid sell-out during its pre-sale underscore the immense anticipation for the OnePlus Open, resonating with both the loyal OnePlus Community, who have established a deep connection over the past decade, and new enthusiasts of the brand.

Pete also revealed a remarkable 59% increase in global device sales for OnePlus as of October compared to the same period last year.

Looking forward, OnePlus remains steadfast in its pursuit of product excellence, emphasizing swift and seamless experiences, cutting-edge camera technologies, and AI-optimized software. Furthermore, OnePlus acknowledges its influence extending beyond technology into societal impact, diversity, and sustainability. The company actively pursues a green and low-carbon operation while prioritizing hardware and software longevity to reduce electronic waste and encourage sustainable consumption practices. The OnePlus community will continue to be the focal point of OnePlus’ vision for the future, serving as an enduring inspiration throughout the journey.

To commemorate this significant ten-year milestone, OnePlus is launching compelling programs and inviting users to partake in them. A short film honouring the shared journey and the spirit of “Never Settle” will premiere on 15th December.

OnePlus has recently enhanced its Power of Community program, a pivotal initiative harnessing collective creativity to co-create exceptional products that empower users to lead superior digital lives. From 9th to 15th December, OnePlus will unveil new tech products daily. With a community boasting 50.2 million registered members, OnePlus proudly stands as one of the largest and most boundary-defying tech communities worldwide.

OnePlus 12 Thank You

Pete also disclosed that the OnePlus 12, the brand’s forthcoming flagship, will feature a distinctive packaging box adorned with a thank-you list directly printed on it. This unique gesture serves as a heartfelt appreciation to the core community contributors who have played an integral role in OnePlus’ decade-long journey of dedication and innovation.