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Proton has today revealed the introduction of Photo Backup within Proton Drive specifically for Android devices.

This latest addition, Photo Backup in Proton Drive for Android, represents a significant advancement in Proton’s privacy-centric storage services. It allows mobile users to seamlessly back up and store their photos directly to Proton Drive from their devices. With over 5 billion images captured globally each day on smartphones, this feature meets the growing demand from Proton Drive customers, who have consistently requested this functionality since its late 2022 launch.

The cornerstone of Proton Drive lies in its end-to-end encryption, ensuring complete encryption of stored photos even before they’re uploaded, thereby guaranteeing absolute privacy. This emphasis on security and privacy sets Photo Backup in Proton Drive apart in the competitive landscape of photo storage solutions.

drive photo backup blog@2x

Founder and CEO of Proton, Andy Yen, expressed, “Photos in Proton Drive goes beyond backups, it can also serve as a replacement photos app that offers intuitive photo management and browsing. With photos in Proton Drive, you’ll never run out of storage on your phone again, and you’ll be able to access photos from all your devices in one place. Unlike cloud storage services from Big Tech, Proton Drive’s use of end-to-end encryption ensures your private photos cannot be leaked, even in the unlikely event that Proton Drive itself is breached.”

Key features of Photos in Proton Drive encompass:

  • Private and Secure Photo Backup: Upholding the highest standards of privacy through end-to-end encryption for securely backing up photos and videos.
  • Seamless Access Across Devices: Automatic syncing of camera uploads and gallery for convenient access to photos across various devices.
  • Effortless Setup and Usage: Designed for ease of use, automatically uploading new photos and videos to the cloud for a worry-free backup solution.
  • Intuitive Photo Management: Monthly grid view under the “Photos” tab for organized browsing, allowing easy selection, download, preview, or deletion of photos and videos.
  • Offline Access to Photos: Ensuring accessibility of important photos in areas with limited internet access through the “Available offline” feature.
  • Enhanced Security Against Breaches: Robust end-to-end encryption protects against common security threats and vulnerabilities found in third-party apps.

Proton remains committed to offering diverse pricing options, starting with a free account providing an initial storage allocation of 1GB. Additionally, Proton Drive presents three paid plans:

  • Proton Unlimited: A flagship subscription offering 500GB of secure storage at $9.99 per month, providing access to premium features of Proton Mail, Proton VPN, and Proton Pass.
  • Proton Family: Ideal for families and small groups, offering Proton Unlimited benefits for up to six users with a combined storage capacity of 3TB.
  • Drive Plus: Tailored for individuals and professionals seeking ample storage with 200GB for $3.99 per month.

Further business plans are also available.

The Photo Backup feature in Proton Drive will be available to Android users starting today, with iOS users gaining access after a closed beta period.