Aston 2 January screen image
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OnePlus has commenced the new year with a double dose of exciting news, unveiling cutting-edge screen and battery technologies housed within its highly-anticipated performance-driven flagship, the OnePlus 12R. Scheduled for a grand reveal on 23rd January at the much-anticipated Smooth Beyond Belief launch event, the OnePlus 12R marks the second addition to the OnePlus 12 Series and stands as the inaugural OnePlus R Series device to hit global markets.

Aston 2 January screen image

Pioneering Screen Innovation

In a groundbreaking revelation today, OnePlus disclosed that the OnePlus 12R will showcase an avant-garde screen—a fourth-generation LTPO 120Hz ProXDR display. Building upon LTPO technology, which made its debut in the OnePlus 11 through LTPO 3.0, this iteration empowers the phone to dynamically adjust its refresh rate, optimizing battery usage. The fourth-gen LTPO technology, exclusive to the OnePlus 12R, enhances the screen’s ability to swiftly, intelligently, and seamlessly modify its refresh rate. Unlike conventional switches between fixed refresh rates, LTPO 4.0 can seamlessly transition among an extensive array of refresh rates, introducing novel 90Hz and 72Hz rates. This versatility ensures optimal performance across diverse user activities, whether engaging in high-resolution gaming, streaming movies, or browsing content on Chrome or images, while concurrently minimizing battery consumption.

Largest-Ever Battery Capacity

Additionally, the OnePlus 12R will debut sporting the most capacious battery ever incorporated into a OnePlus device, boasting a hefty 5,500mAh capacity. This substantial upgrade establishes the OnePlus 12R as the ultimate gaming haven, allowing extended gaming sessions like never before.

Aston 2 January battery image

The battery housed within the OnePlus 12R will leverage SUPERVOOC fast charging and integrate Battery Health Engine technology—a proprietary OnePlus innovation. This technology is purpose-built to maintain the battery’s peak health for an extended duration, surpassing the longevity of competing smartphones. Detailed insights into this technology will be unveiled at the upcoming OnePlus 12 launch event.

About the OnePlus 12 Series

A culmination of a decade’s worth of innovation, the OnePlus 12 Series is engineered to tackle a pervasive industry challenge—balancing high performance, power efficiency, effective heat dissipation, and longevity. Comprising two distinct devices—the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R—this series grants users the flexibility to choose features that align with their preferences for their next smartphone.

Both flagship phones are slated for release during the OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief Launch Event at 19:30 IST on 23rd January 2024.