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OPPO has officially declared the establishment of a worldwide patent cross-license pact with Nokia, encompassing standard-essential patents related to 5G and various cellular communication technologies. Under this agreement, both entities commit to resolving all ongoing legal disputes across jurisdictions. The specific terms of the accord remain confidential, as agreed upon mutually.

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Feng Ying, OPPO’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer, expressed satisfaction with the global patent cross-license deal with Nokia. This encompasses the cross-licensing of 5G standard-essential patents, signifying a mutual acknowledgement and respect for each party’s intellectual property. This accord lays the groundwork for prospective collaboration between OPPO and Nokia. Ying emphasized OPPO’s commitment to advocating for fair royalty fees and a sustained approach to intellectual property, fostering dispute resolution through amicable negotiations and respect for the inherent value of all intellectual property.

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Nokia Technologies’ President, Jenni Lukander, conveyed delight regarding the cross-license agreement with OPPO. Lukander highlighted the mutual respect for intellectual property and acknowledged Nokia’s research and development investments, as well as contributions to open standards. Anticipating collaboration with OPPO to enhance innovation for users globally, Lukander asserted that this new agreement, alongside other significant smartphone agreements concluded in the past year, would ensure enduring financial stability for Nokia’s licensing business. Noting OPPO’s standing as a key holder of 5G standard-essential patents and a prominent figure in smart device innovation, Lukander underscored OPPO’s dual role as both an innovator and implementer of technology standards.

Also in conjunction with this momentous occasion, today OnePlus announced that it has signed a global patent cross-license agreement with Nokia, represented by OPPO. This agreement covers standard-essential patents in 5G and other cellular communication technologies, Following the agreement, both parties will resolve all pending litigation in all jurisdictions. The specific terms of the agreement are confidential as per mutual agreement.

“We are pleased to have reached this global patent cross-license agreement with Nokia, which includes cross-licensing for 5G standard-essential patents,” said Bingo Liu, CEO of OnePlus Europe. “Our commitment in Europe remains unchanged. Just one day ago, we proudly unveiled the OnePlus 12 Series, our latest flagship smartphone that have been a decade in the making. We believe that this agreement will enable us to bring the ultimate fast and smooth experience to more users in Europe.”