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MediaTek is unveiling an array of cutting-edge Generative AI showcases at Mobile World Congress 2024, leveraging the advanced APU hardware integrated into the Dimensity 9300 flagship smartphone SoC. These live presentations will spotlight a multitude of pioneering Generative AI technologies empowered by MediaTek, including several groundbreaking applications running directly on-device.

JC Hsu, Corporate Senior Vice President at MediaTek, expressed, “As champions of AI advancement, we aim to ignite innovation among developers, OEMs, and partners by harnessing MediaTek-powered AI technologies, such as the APUs embedded within the Dimensity 9300 and 8300. The glimpses we’re offering into the potential of Generative AI use cases are just the beginning, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with others to transform visions into tangible realities.”

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Attendees of the Mobile World Congress will be immersed in hands-on demonstrations showcasing pivotal on-device AI technologies, many of which represent industry-first achievements:

  • SDXL Turbo: Unveiling a text-to-image Stable Diffusion engine that dynamically crafts images in real-time, responding to user-provided prompts.
  • Video Diffusion Generation: Pioneering fast video diffusion generation capable of encompassing a spectrum of animation styles.
  • Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA) Fusion: Exhibiting MediaTek’s integration of Low-Rank Adaptation (LoRA) Fusion into the NeuroPilot AI platform, exemplified through a use case where animated avatars are generated from a camera feed and processed instantaneously.

These groundbreaking demonstrations will be on full display at the Mobile World Congress from February 26-29, located at the MediaTek Booth in Hall 3, stand #3D10.