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TCL, renowned for its groundbreaking display technology in smartphones, tablets, and connected devices, is making waves once again with its latest announcement at Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC). The company introduces an array of innovative devices, expanding its acclaimed “50 Series” and introducing new NXTPAPER products optimized for enhanced viewing experiences. This move underscores TCL’s commitment to bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and user accessibility while prioritizing comfort and well-being.

Aaron Zhang, CEO of TCL Communication, emphasizes the company’s dedication to democratizing 5G technology and fostering a more human-centred approach to innovation. “Our new lineup at MWC 2024 demonstrates TCL’s commitment to making 5G accessible to everyone and technology more human,” Zhang states. “At TCL, it’s about offering technology that fits seamlessly into life, ensuring comfort and user well-being are at the forefront of our products.”

Expanding Accessibility and Performance The latest additions to TCL’s smartphone lineup cater to diverse user needs, combining high-speed internet capabilities with affordability. Building upon the success of the TCL 40 NXTPAPER smartphone, TCL introduces the TCL 50 Series, now available at leading retailers. The lineup includes the TCL 50 5G, TCL 50 SE, TCL 505, and TCL 501, designed to deliver enhanced performance and value for users across various markets.

TCL 50 5G 01
TCL 50 5G
TCL 50 SE 01
TCL 501 Glacial Blue Front & Back
TCL 501 Glacial Blue
TCL 501 Prime Black Front & Back
TCL 501 Prime Black
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TCL 505

Innovative Design and Immersive Technology The TCL 50 5G, TCL 50 SE, and TCL 505 feature a sleek design language and large displays enhanced by NXTVISION technology, providing users with immersive viewing experiences. These models boast high refresh rates, big batteries, and RAM expansion capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for everyday use. With TCL NXTURBO technology, users can enjoy enhanced image rendering performance while minimizing power consumption.

Smart charging capabilities further enhance the user experience, while features like DTS 3D sound and Stereo Dual Speakers provide immersive audio experiences. Powered by advanced chipsets and running the latest operating systems, these smartphones offer seamless connectivity and multitasking capabilities.

Tailored for Every Lifestyle Each smartphone in the TCL 50 Series is designed to cater to different user preferences and needs. Whether it’s the TCL 50 5G for on-the-move individuals seeking reliability and versatility, the TCL 50 SE for entertainment enthusiasts craving immersive media experiences, or the TCL 505 for users who prioritize expansive displays and creative freedom, TCL ensures there’s a device for everyone.

Pushing the Boundaries of Display Technology TCL’s lineup at MWC 2024 also includes groundbreaking models for the U.S market, featuring advanced NXTPAPER 3.0 display technology designed for enhanced eye comfort. The company remains committed to its vision of innovation and inclusivity, bringing cutting-edge features to a global audience.

Accessible Technology for All With an emphasis on affordability and performance, TCL announces competitive pricing for its latest lineup, ensuring that advanced technology is within reach for everyone. The products will be available in the UK from the beginning of April, offering consumers the opportunity to experience the future of mobile technology firsthand.

As TCL continues to extend its product range, the company reaffirms its commitment to delivering superior technology and user-focused design, setting new standards for accessibility and innovation in the tech industry.

Retail Price and Availability:

  • TCL 501 (32GB) RRP – £59.99
  • TCL 505 (128GB) RRP – £89.99
  • TCL 50SE (256GB) RRP – £139.99
  • TCL 50 5G (128GB) RRP – £149.99

The above products will be launching in the UK from the beginning of April, including at Amazon, Very, Argos, Asda and JD Williams.