Dreo Fan with Polyfan 704S
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Introducing Dreo’s latest addition to its esteemed fan lineup: the Polyfan 704S. Renowned for pioneering innovative cooling solutions, Dreo consistently pushes the envelope of comfort and efficiency, and the Polyfan 704S exemplifies this commitment to excellence.

Here’s a closer look at the key differentiators between the Polyfan 704S and its predecessor, the 513S model:

Dreo Fan with Polyfan 704S

  • Enhanced Wind Speed: Elevating the airflow experience, the Polyfan 704S boasts an impressive wind speed of 110 feet, delivering even more powerful and refreshing breezes compared to the 100 feet offered by the 513S.
  • Advanced Speed Settings: Tailoring airflow intensity to your exact preferences is easier than ever with the Polyfan 704S, which offers 9-speed settings—surpassing the 8-speed settings of the 513S model—for precise control and comfort customization.
  • Upgraded 3D Oscillation: Enjoy a broader range of oscillation with the Polyfan 704S, featuring an enhanced oscillation angle of 120-150 degrees, as opposed to the 105-120 degrees offered by the 513S. This wider coverage ensures more comprehensive cooling throughout your space.
  • Dreo App Integration: Taking convenience to the next level, the Polyfan 704S introduces seamless integration with the Dreo App. Now, users can effortlessly control the oscillation angle remotely, allowing for personalized comfort and convenience at their fingertips.

These advancements solidify the Polyfan 704S as the ultimate choice for those seeking unparalleled cooling performance and customizable airflow control. Whether it’s for your home, office, or any indoor setting, the Polyfan 704S sets a new standard in fan technology, promising a heightened level of comfort and efficiency for discerning users everywhere.