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Experience the pinnacle of innovation in smart projectors with Dangbei, as we proudly announce our Spring Sale event, offering discounts of up to 30% off. Perfectly timed with the elongated evenings of the season, our offerings cater to outdoor movie enthusiasts.

These exclusive deals will be live from today 20th March to 25th March and can be accessed by shopping on the Dangbei Amazon stores or by Dangbei official website.

For those seeking to elevate their home cinema experience, especially anticipating the forthcoming summer, Dangbei presents a range of products poised to revolutionize your entertainment setup.

2. Product Atom Ultra compact(2)

Dangbei Atom

Introducing the Dangbei Atom – The First Google TV ALPD Projector. This cutting-edge device provides access to over 10,000 apps from Google Play and a vast library boasting 700,000+ movies and shows. Seamlessly integrated with Google Assistant and featuring Chromecast built-in, the compact Atom projector delivers an impressive 1200 ISO Lumens brightness thanks to ALPD technology, ensuring a sharp 1080p resolution. Its slim profile of just 1.87 inches and lightweight design of 2.82 lbs make it effortlessly portable, transforming any space into a cinematic home theatre with a massive 180-inch display. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and audio with support for HDR10, HLG, dual 5W speakers, and Dolby Audio enhancement. Smart image adjustment, enhanced by multi-point dTOF sensors, ensures optimal viewing experiences.

Key Features:

• First Google TV ALPD Projector: Access over 10,000 apps from Google Play and enjoy a vast library of 700,000+ movies on streaming services. Integrated with Google Assistant and Chromecast.
• Bright 1200 ISO Lumens Picture with ALPD, HDR10, and HLG Technology.
• Sharp 1080p image for true high-definition viewing.
• Sleek design, measuring only 1.87 inches thick and 2.82 lbs, facilitating easy portability and setup.
• Dual built-in 5W speakers with Dolby Audio enhancement.
• Various picture and audio modes catering to movies, sports, games, and more.
• Enhanced Smart Image Adjustment capabilities.

Spring Deals:
Now $749 (MSRP:$899) on US Dangbei website and also on Amazon US

Now £749 (List Price: £899 ) on Amazon UK

Emotn N1

Looking for the perfect gift for Netflix enthusiasts? Look no further than the Emotn N1 smart home projector. Tailored for those who adore Netflix, this projector promises to redefine their viewing experience with built-in native Netflix controls. Whether it’s for college students, frequent movers, or anyone mindful of their budget, the Emotn N1 offers premium features at an affordable price.

2.Product 1

As Dangbei’s inaugural projector with official Netflix licensing, the N1 is primed for seamless streaming of movies, TV shows, and more straight out of the box. Its compact size makes it an ideal fit for small dorm rooms, offering an immersive cinematic journey without monopolizing space. Moreover, for individuals on the go, its lightweight design ensures effortless portability—say goodbye to cumbersome TVs and entertainment setups.

Priced at just $280, the Emotn N1 presents unbeatable value without compromising quality.

Key Features:

  • Officially-Licensed Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video
  • Native 1080p Resolution
  • Quick 3-Second Setup with Auto Keystone and Auto Focus
  • Convenient 12° Built-In Stand for Effortless Placement
  • Support for HDR10 and HLG
  • Remarkable 30,000 Hours Light Source Lifespan
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Affordable and Feature-Packed, Catering to All Needs

Spring Deals:

Now $280 (MSRP:$399) on Dangbei US website and also on Amazon US  , Now £249.99 (List Price: £299 ) on Amazon UK

Dangbei Mars

Elevate your home movie nights with the Dangbei Mars ultra-bright laser projector, the perfect Spring gift for families and cinema fans alike. Featuring a built-in OS, the Dangbei Mars enables seamless streaming of movies and shows directly from popular apps like Netflix, requiring no additional equipment. Sci-fi and action enthusiasts will be captivated by the stunningly bright 2100 lumens and immersive sound quality of the Mars, creating an unparalleled viewing experience. Plus, for those who enjoy entertaining, the Mars enhances movie nights with friends by effortlessly projecting comedies, dramas, or horror movies onto a large scale for the ultimate viewing party.

2.Lifestyle Mars Living room

Key Features:

  • Ultra-bright 2100 ISO Lumens Picture with ALPD Laser Light Source
  • Integrated Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube for convenient streaming
  • Native 1080p Full HD Resolution
  • Massive 180″ Projection Size for immersive viewing
  • HDR 10 and HLG Support ensure perfect contrast
  • AI Brightness Adjustment for optimal viewing in any environment
  • Robust 2×10W Speakers with Dolby Audio for theatre-quality sound

Spring Deals:
Now $799 (MSRP:$999) on Dangbei US website and also on Amazon US, Now £799 (List Price: £999 ) on Amazon UK

Dangbei Mars Pro

Experience the luxury of watching UHD movies from the comfort of your home on a screen larger than traditional television sets, courtesy of the Mars Pro projector. Boasting unparalleled 4K visual fidelity, the Mars Pro is a must-have for home cinema enthusiasts in pursuit of the ultimate cinematic immersion.

Equipped with MEMC technology, the Mars Pro excels at rendering fast-action content, ensuring crystal-clear visuals and immersive sound quality for sports enthusiasts. With this innovation, viewers can enjoy matches with unprecedented clarity and feel like they’re sitting in the front row, even during the most intense moments on the field. Additionally, the projector features a dedicated game mode optimized for gaming settings, further enhancing the experience for gamers.

Mars Pro Lifestyle 3

Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, the Dangbei Mars Pro is an excellent choice. Its versatility ensures it can complement any hobby or interest, elevating the experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Impressive 200” Image with 4K UHD Resolution
  • Laser-Powered Brightness for Clear Viewing Day and Night
  • Immersive DTS HD and Dolby Audio Sound
  • AI Realistic Pro Image Engine, HDR10, and HLG Support
  • MEMC Technology for Smooth Motion Playback
  • Special Game Mode for Immersive Gaming Experience
  • TÜV Low Blue Light Certified for Comfortable Viewing
  • Versatile Connectivity Options including TV Sticks, Game Consoles, and More

Spring Deals:
Now $1151 (MSRP:$1599) on the US website also $1151 (List Price:$1599) on Amazon US

Now £1199 (List Price: £1499 ) on Amazon UK


Dangbei Neo

Introducing the Dangbei Neo projector, the perfect gift for avid travellers and camping enthusiasts this Spring. Weighing a mere 3.25 pounds and measuring a sleek 3.94 inches thick, the Neo’s compact design effortlessly fits into any luggage, ensuring entertainment is always within reach on the go.

Designed for those who crave entertainment while travelling, the Dangbei Neo boasts built-in Netflix for seamless streaming of videos and movies, enhancing the overall travel experience.

2. Product 3

Key Highlights:

  • Slim and Compact Design at Only 3.94 Inches Thick
  • Lightweight Construction Weighing Just 3.13 Pounds for Easy Portability
  • Built-in Netflix for Convenient Streaming Anywhere
  • Enjoy an Immersive 120″ Image Size
  • HDR 10 and HLG Support for Stunning Contrast
  • Dual 6W Speakers with Dolby Audio for a Rich Sound Experience

Spring Deals:

Now $399 (MSRP:$549) on the US website and also on Amazon US

Now £399 (List Price: £499 ) on Amazon UK