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Today, OnePlus introduced its latest innovation for OnePlus smartphones: the AI Eraser image editing feature. AI Eraser harnesses OnePlus’ proprietary models to redefine user productivity and creativity with streamlined experiences, representing a significant leap in smartphone technology.

Kinder Liu, President and COO of OnePlus, expressed, “At OnePlus, our passion lies in empowering users with cutting-edge, practical technology. We recognize the immense potential of generative AI in mobile devices, capable of revolutionizing productivity and creativity.” AI Eraser, the first of many AI-based features in OnePlus’ pipeline, embodies their commitment to unleashing user creativity through AI, transforming the landscape of photo editing. Liu added, “We envision a future where users can craft stunning photos with ease, and AI Eraser marks the initial stride towards that goal. Stay tuned for more AI-driven innovations as we strive to enrich user experiences further.”

AI Eraser leverages the prowess of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to remove unwanted elements from images within the Photo Gallery seamlessly. Users can effortlessly highlight objects like pedestrians or blemishes, prompting the AI to analyze and generate a fitting replacement background, seamlessly integrating with the image’s aesthetic. This ensures flawless, captivating images in just a few taps.

The development of AI Eraser reflects OnePlus’ substantial investment in R&D, prioritizing the precision and reliability of AI-generated content. Trained on extensive datasets, the proprietary model deeply understands complex scenes, intelligently substituting unwanted elements with contextually appropriate replacements. This empowers users to craft impeccable edits effortlessly, regardless of their prior editing experience.

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Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product at OnePlus, emphasized the company’s commitment to user-centric design, streamlining image editing for all users. “By eliminating the complexity of manual editing, AI Eraser democratizes image editing, aligning with OnePlus’ ethos of accessibility and efficiency,” Zhang stated.

With the rollout of AI Eraser, OnePlus continues its trajectory of enhancing user experiences. Starting in April, the feature will gradually become available on OnePlus devices globally, including the OnePlus 12 series and OnePlus Open. European users can anticipate access to these features in Q2 2024, further enriching their smartphone experience.