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Motorola has unveiled its latest marvels: the Motorola Edge 50 Ultra, Motorola Edge 50 Pro, and Motorola Edge 50 Fusion, each a masterpiece in its own right. These devices redefine smartphone excellence, harmonizing cutting-edge technology with breathtaking design, and introducing groundbreaking features that elevate the mobile experience to new heights.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Motorola Edge 50 series is a testament to Motorola’s commitment to elegance and functionality. From sumptuous textures to captivating curves, these devices are a feast for the senses. With materials like real wood, handcrafted pearl polymer, and vegan suede, they exude sophistication while offering IP68 underwater protection for added durability. The result is a collection of lightweight, stunning smartphones that appeal to both tactile and visual sensibilities, setting a new standard for mobile aesthetics.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro
Motorola Edge 50 Pro

At the heart of the Motorola Edge 50 series lies an exceptional camera system, meticulously engineered to capture life’s moments with unparalleled clarity and brilliance. Powered by AI enhancements, including Pantone validated colors, these cameras deliver stunning results effortlessly. From spontaneous snapshots to professional-grade portraits, the Motorola Edge devices empower users to unleash their creativity and capture every detail with precision.

Driving these innovations is Moto Ai, Motorola’s intelligent assistant, seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the user experience. From intuitive content creation to personalized device customization, Moto Ai enhances every interaction, making everyday tasks faster and more intuitive.

But the Motorola Edge 50 series is more than just a triumph of design and technology—it’s a gateway to a world of immersive entertainment and seamless connectivity. With vibrant Super HD displays, support for Dolby Atmos audio, and lightning-fast Snapdragon® processors, these devices deliver a cinematic experience like never before, ensuring that every moment is enjoyed to the fullest.

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra
Motorola Edge 50 Ultra

To complement the Motorola Edge 50 series, Motorola is also introducing the new Moto Buds family, featuring Moto Buds+ with Sound by Bose. These earbuds combine Motorola’s expertise with Bose’s audio prowess to deliver an unparalleled listening experience, complete with dynamic active noise cancellation and Hi-Res Audio certification.

With its unrivalled combination of style, intelligence, and innovation, the Motorola Edge 50 series redefines what’s possible in a smartphone. Whether you’re a discerning luxury seeker or a tech-savvy enthusiast, there’s a device in this lineup to suit your needs.

Experience the future of mobile technology with the Motorola Edge 50 series and Moto Buds family—where beauty meets innovation, and every moment is a masterpiece.

The eagerly anticipated Motorola Edge 50 ultra will hit shelves in select EMEA countries, including the UK, starting from mid-May, priced at £849. UK consumers can find the Edge 50 Ultra at leading retailers such as Currys, Amazon, John Lewis Partners, and As a bonus, customers purchasing the device will receive a complimentary pair of Moto buds+ valued at £129.

For those eyeing the Motorola Edge 50 pro, it will be available in select EMEA countries, including the UK, from April 16th, priced at £599. UK consumers can purchase the Edge 50 Pro from 3, Vodafone, Currys, Amazon, John Lewis Partners, and Like its ultra counterpart, the Edge 50 pro also comes with a special gift—Moto buds+ worth £129, included with purchase.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Motorola Edge 50 Fusion will join the lineup in mid-May across select EMEA countries, including the UK, with a retail price of £349. UK buyers can grab the edge 50 fusion from Currys, Amazon, Argos, and Plus, purchasers of the Edge 50 Fusion will receive a complimentary pair of Moto buds valued at £49.

Moto Buds+, the perfect complement to any smartphone, will be available for purchase in select EMEA countries, including the UK, starting today 16th April, priced at £129. UK consumers can find them exclusively at

And finally, for those seeking a budget-friendly option, Moto Buds will be hitting shelves in select EMEA countries, including the UK, starting May, priced at £49. UK buyers can find the Moto Buds exclusively at