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Today, Sennheiser unveils its newest addition to its lineup of portable products: the ACCENTUM True Wireless. With Sennheiser’s renowned acoustics, seamless wireless features, and fresh ergonomic design, it’s the perfect companion for those living life on the move in a digitally connected world.

“ACCENTUM True Wireless builds upon the renowned qualities of its over-ear counterparts: exceptional sound, practical features, and unparalleled value,” says Frank Foppe, Sennheiser Product Manager. “We’ve encapsulated these attributes within a redesigned, award-winning form factor that unleashes the essence of ‘the Sennheiser sound’ for anyone seeking a wireless upgrade.”

Signature Sound

Right from the first listen, with the Sennheiser’s exclusive 7mm dynamic True Response Transducers, which deliver robust and immersive bass, lifelike midranges, and crystal-clear trebles—capable of effortlessly handling even the most intricate modern compositions. These ultra-low distortion drivers are crafted at the Sennheiser Tullamore factory, sharing the same craftsmanship as those found in other ACCENTUM, MOMENTUM, and high-fidelity headphones.



Inside ACCENTUM True Wireless resides a completely novel approach to earbud ergonomics. Through a meticulous partnership with Sonova—a leading manufacturer of hearing aids—thousands of ear models were meticulously scrutinized to achieve the perfect blend of stability, comfort, and elegance. The fruit of this collaboration is an innovative contour that harmonizes with a diverse array of users in a singular form. Remaining shrouded in secrecy until recently, the earbuds have now claimed the esteemed Red Dot Design Award. Additionally, four sizes of ear tips are included to further ensure an optimal seal, enhancing impactful low-frequency response and enabling effective hybrid noise cancellation.

“It’s no secret that achieving the perfect fit is paramount for both exceptional sound quality and comfort,” says Friederike Menking, Sennheiser Product Manager. “We meticulously crafted ACCENTUM True Wireless after scrutinizing over one thousand distinct ear profiles, resulting in a design that is impeccably engineered yet feels barely noticeable when worn.”

The Art of Transparency

When paired with the discreet beamforming mic array, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature diminishes intrusive low-frequency noises to a mere whisper, effortlessly handling airplane cabin rumble, household appliances’ hum, nearby traffic din, and the buzz of bustling coffee shops. ACCENTUM True Wireless’ Hybrid ANC and Transparency modes empower users to effortlessly manage disruptions, enabling them to tune into ambient surroundings at will through simple tap gestures or via the free Sennheiser Smart Control app. Through the app, users can fine-tune the level of transparency while further personalizing their sound experience using the 5-band equalizer and Sound Check—a guided preset creator that can be uploaded to the cloud for access across all iOS or Android devices. But EQ customization is just the beginning; ACCENTUM True Wireless also offers user-definable touch controls for seamless management of media playback, phone calls, and voice assistants.

Senn ACCENTUM Wireless Black Family All CGI Product

Ready for Fun

Connecting ACCENTUM True Wireless to your smartphone transcends mere media and call management, thanks to Bluetooth 5.3. These earbuds are Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast capable, offering advanced connectivity to shared audio streams at Auracast-enabled venues like museums, cafes, and airports—ushering in a new era of immersive experiences. Alongside support for SBC and AAC codecs, ACCENTUM True Wireless utilizes aptX and LC3 for maintaining consistent audio quality and extended battery life—providing up to 8 hours of playtime per charge and a total of 28 hours with the case.

ACCENTUM True Wireless in its compact Qi-enabled charging case

Feeling Recharged

Charging is equally versatile, with both USB-C and Qi wireless charging options housed within the compact case. The case boasts over two additional replenishments and supports quick charging via USB, granting users up to 1 hour of playback in just about 10 minutes. For added convenience, a USB-A to Type C cable is included, ensuring a streamlined setup process.


ACCENTUM True Wireless is now available for pre-order, with an official launch scheduled for 21st May. Offered in sleek black or pristine white colorways, these earbuds will be obtainable from select retailers and at, priced at an RRP of £169.99 / 199.99 EUR.