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Sennheiser has announced the latest addition to its renowned HD 600 series: the HD 620S. Designed to cater to audiophiles seeking uncompromised sound quality in closed headphones for private, reference listening, this new release offers a captivating auditory experience.

Jermo Koehnke, Audiophile Product Manager, expressed, “The demand within the hi-fi community for headphones that encapsulate the superior qualities of our 600 series while providing isolation from external distractions—be it at work, home, or on the go—has been fervent. With the HD 620S, we not only fulfil this demand but also introduce immersive imaging and exceptional impulse response, ensuring an unparalleled listening journey in any scenario where top-notch performance is paramount.”

Key to the HD 620S is its custom-tuned 42mm dynamic transducer, meticulously crafted at Sennheiser’s cutting-edge Tullamore, Ireland transducer plant. This transducer inherits the signature smooth and effortless sound characteristic of the open-back 600 series while infusing a modern, airy quality that strikes a balance between transparency and deep, articulate bass. Enhanced by a high damping factor, the 150-ohm aluminium voice coil excels in delivering swift transients and precise instrument definition, resulting in dynamic and punchy sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum—a feature cherished by audiophiles and avid gamers alike, seeking to absorb every nuance of their audio content.

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Encased in an iconic chassis cherished by audiophiles, gamers, and streamers alike for its enduring comfort during extended wear, the HD 620S exudes confidence while delivering an instant auditory delight. The incorporation of metal elements not only provides a pleasing tactile sensation but also serves an acoustic purpose—the steel plate sealing the back volume acts as a highly effective isolator, effectively managing internal reflections that could otherwise compromise the purity of the acoustic signal.

The angled baffle design, notable for its openness, facilitates the unhindered flow of air, emulating the behaviour of open-back transducers while faithfully reproducing the triangular imaging reminiscent of a high-quality loudspeaker arrangement in a meticulously calibrated room. This immersive presentation envelops the listener in the heart of the action, offering remarkable cue localization whether experiencing a rare live concert recording or engaging in a massive online multiplayer showdown.

Regarding headphone choice, open-back models are often favoured by audio purists. However, closed-back headphones are indispensable in some situations, particularly when isolation from the surrounding environment is paramount. Audiophiles have grown accustomed to sacrificing the natural response and expansive imaging of open-back headphones in exchange for blocking out distractions, whether to avoid disturbing roommates, spouses, or colleagues.

Undoubtedly, the HD 620S marks a significant breakthrough in real-world performance, providing the expansive soundstage desired by enthusiasts without the fatigue-inducing, enclosed sound characteristic of sealed headphones.

Crafted for longevity, the HD 620S features a robust construction with a metal-reinforced headband and earcup housings, ensuring durability for prolonged usage. For convenient storage and protection against dust, it comes with an included storage pouch, offering ample space for both the headphones and the detachable cable, promoting neat organization.

HD 620S Mood Shot PKF9589 16x9

The 1.8-meter (6-foot) cable terminates with a single-ended 3.5mm stereo plug, equipped with an integrated locking screw for secure attachment of the included 6.3mm adapter. Available this summer, an optional balanced 4.4mm cable will enable audiophiles to connect to a growing array of hi-fi devices that support this popular connector.

Adopting the twist-and-lock single-sided cable design shared by other Sennheiser headphones, the HD 620S offers users a plethora of aftermarket options, including cables of varying lengths and configurations, as well as options featuring an in-line microphone for added versatility.

Pricing and availability
​The HD 620S is currently available for pre-order, and begins shipping on 6th June 2024, and will be available from select retailers and at Sennheiser-hearing.com with an RRP of £299.99 / €349.90.