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At COMPUTEX 2024, MediaTek announced its entry into the Arm Total Design ecosystem, a rapidly growing initiative aimed at streamlining and accelerating the development of products based on Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS). These subsystems are tailored to meet the high performance and efficiency demands of AI applications in data centres, infrastructure systems, telecommunications, and more.

“Together with Arm, we’re enabling our customers’ designs to meet the most challenging workloads for AI applications, maximizing performance per watt,” said Vince Hu, Corporate Vice President at MediaTek. “We will be working closely with Arm as we expand our footprint into data centres, utilizing our expertise in hybrid computing, AI, SerDes and chiplets, and advanced packaging technologies to accelerate AI innovation from the edge to the cloud.”

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By leveraging Neoverse CSS, a proven and optimized subsystem, MediaTek can enhance its SoC integration design capabilities, offering differentiated solutions and reducing time to market. This allows MediaTek to create optimized SoCs tailored to specific application needs, effectively addressing the complex computing requirements of AI.

“AI is driving an insatiable need for more compute and greater power efficiency,” said Mohamed Awad, Senior Vice President and General Manager the infrastructure Line of Business, Arm. “By joining Arm Total Design, MediaTek is building on our longstanding partnership, which has delivered billions of high-performance, energy-efficient devices. This collaboration will bring that world-class expertise to infrastructure, as we swiftly deliver sustainable, AI-powered cloud data centers on Arm Neoverse CSS.”

In its mobile Dimensity series, MediaTek continues to push the boundaries of flagship computing, graphics, and AI performance using Arm CPUs, while maintaining industry-leading efficiency. Additionally, MediaTek holds the top position as the leading Wi-Fi supplier across broadband, retail routers, consumer electronics devices, and gaming, further solidifying its industry dominance.