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SharkNinja, Inc., has today revealed that nearly half (45%) of the nation feels anxious hosting at home due to the mess left behind by guests. Additionally, 83% prefer hosting small groups, and over half (57%) admit they can’t relax at all when hosting.

Research indicates that over a third (34%) worry about guests spilling drinks on the carpet during a sports game. In response, SharkNinja has transformed a London pub for the England v Denmark football game, renaming it the ‘Carpeters Arms’—a pub that encourages drink spilling.

To help alleviate hosting stress this football season, the brand has teamed up with football legend Harry Redknapp for the event. This collaboration not only offers lucky football fans a pint on the house for one of England’s biggest sporting events but also presents a solution for the nation’s spill anxiety. Harry Redknapp has shared his foolproof tips for hosting a match at home, which are detailed below.

With research revealing that carpet stains (56%) are the biggest worry when hosting, Shark eases these concerns with its Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-In StainStriker. This product delivers an 8x deeper clean than a regular vacuum. To demonstrate its effectiveness, the brand has installed a white carpet for game night, ready to clean any spills. Other top hosting concerns include items getting broken (56%) and noise complaints from neighbours (46%).

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Given that 82% ensure their homes are spotless before guests arrive and 56% engage in a panic clean, it’s no surprise that 48% would rather watch a football match in a bar or pub to avoid the mess at home. Interestingly, a third (33%) are less concerned about causing a mess in someone else’s home than their own.

Football legend Harry Redknapp shares his top three tips for hosting this football season:

  1. Avoid beers on the floor: “Sandra is not happy if the house gets wrecked after a game. Beers on the floor are a recipe for disaster in our house. If you’ve got people around for the match, make sure drinks are on the table as they’ll go flying as soon as a goal is scored!”
  2. Check the tech: “Make sure you know what channel the game is on before guests arrive, and always check it’s all working beforehand. No one wants impatient football fans in their living room!”
  3. Hold the snacks until half-time: “I know how excited my mates get when the football is on. When people are jumping up and cheering, we’ve found it’s best to hold off on the snacks until half-time. Guests are more relaxed, and Sandra is happy that the carpet doesn’t suffer!”

Harry said, “I know full well that guests can get rowdy when watching a football game, and pints have been known to go in the air! The ‘Carpeters Arms’ tonight is offering football fans the night off, giving them a place to enjoy a drink without worrying about spills. With Shark vacuum cleaners, carpet stains won’t dirty your viewing experience. You can watch the home nations without your house being ruined.”

Tracey Scully, UK Managing Director at SharkNinja, stated, “Our research shows that the nation is anxious about hosting at home due to messy guests, especially during rowdy events like football season. We wanted to do something to take the pressure off. That’s why we’ve opened the ‘Carpeters Arms’ today, to provide people a place to enjoy the game without the worry. We also want to show how our wet cleaning products can take the stress out of hosting, offering an exceptional clean for carpets, floors, and soft furnishings. Our precise cleaning technology and specially-designed solutions provide deep cleaning power for all life’s spills and messes.”

The Carpeters Arms event is happening today, Thursday 20th June, where guests can witness spills disappearing with the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-In StainStriker and enjoy delicious pizza made in the Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven, Artisan Pizza Maker, and BBQ Smoker.