Vodafone Connected Caravan
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Packed with the latest IoT products and smart technology, Vodafone employee Dirk Ellenbeck kitted out his own ‘Connected Caravan’ to demonstrate how technology can improve your camping experience – making it simpler and safer. 

The state-of-the-art ‘Connected Caravan’ features a range of connected devices from the V by Vodafone range allowing you to protect your caravan via your smartphone. Whether you’re nearby or far away, you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything from possible intruders (using the V-Auto) to fire and water damage, thanks to the V-Camera and V-Home Safety Starter Kit.

Vodafone Connected Caravan from Car Trackers to Pet trackers and more 1

If you’re travelling as a family, you can even keep an extra eye on your children with V-Kids and monitor your pets via the V-Pet – making your next holiday the safest, most relaxing and most enjoyable yet!

The ‘Connected Caravan’ also features many other smartphone-controlled features including remote door locking, a levelling system (using an automated lift system) and, for caravans with solar panels, an energy monitoring system with a power inverter.

Protection against theft and route planning
Vodafone Connected Caravan from Car Trackers to Pet trackers and more 2

V-Auto Car Tracker

£85 (£4 per month V-Auto service fee)


V-Auto by Vodafone is a tracker (connected to your smartphone via a V-SIM), which allows you to pinpoint exactly where your caravan or car is – whether it’s parked or on the move. For £85 upfront (then £4 a month), the V-Auto provides real peace of mind (with caravan theft on the rise*) and also helps you get from one caravan site to the next. It collates information on all of your routes, how long each journey took and even provides tips on how to drive more safely and efficiently – helping you plan quicker routes in the future. Customers can also pause their subscription at any time if they wish to take a break.



Remote protection against intruders and hazards
Vodafone Connected Caravan from Car Trackers to Pet trackers and more 3

V-Home Safety Starter Kit

£99 (plus £14 per month service fee)


For £99 (then £14 per month), V-Home by Vodafone allows you to monitor your caravan wherever you are through your smartphone thanks to a Smart Camera with motion detection and infra-red capability for night-time. It also detects if a window or door is opened unexpectedly and has a Siren alarm to deter potential intruders. You can also add on other V-Home kits and compatible devices, such as the V-Home Detection Kit – which will alert you to everything from smoke and a suspected water leak to a sudden change in temperature – and the V-Home Automation Kit, which allows you to control lights, heating and a range of other appliances remotely.

Vodafone Connected Caravan from Car Trackers to Pet trackers and more 4


£339* (plus £4 per month service fee)


Netgear Arlo Go, a new live HD security camera, is another member of the V by Vodafone family of devices. Connected to the Vodafone network with a V-SIM, it does away with the need for WiFi and cords, sending instant, clear, customisable alerts straight to your smartphone, tablet or email whenever it detects movement. For £339* (then £4 a month), its weatherproof design and night vision functionality let you keep a close eye on whatever matters most to you, both inside and outside your caravan.

*Receive 20% off using code 19CAM20 – from 16th May 2019 to 16th August 2019

Child protection
Vodafone Connected Caravan from Car Trackers to Pet trackers and more 5



£135 (plus £4 per month service fee)


The V-Kids watch by Vodafone gives parents peace of mind when their children are out and about, making it safer for kids to have more freedom and fun. Setting ‘Safe Zones’ means parents will be notified on their smartphone if their child leaves the designated zone. For £135 (then £4 a month), you can check your child’s location via GPS tracking and exchange voice messages using the app. If they send an alert to your smartphone by pressing the SOS button, you’ll get directions on how to reach them. Safe, waterproof, easy and fun to wear, V-Kids watch is available in pink or blue and even features a voice changer to keep children amused!

Pet protection


Vodafone Connected Caravan from Car Trackers to Pet trackers and more 6


V-Pet Tracker Pod 3
£105 (plus £4 per month service fee)


The new V-Pet Tracker Pod 3, from the V by Vodafone range, means you will always know where your pet is. For £105** (then £4 a month), the WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS tracker allow you to set up ‘Safe Zones’ and will alert you if your pet goes somewhere it shouldn’t! Using the ‘adventure recording’ facility, you can also monitor your pet’s run through the park or night-time activity on your smartphone – and don’t worry it’s tough, waterproof and fits neatly on a collar. You can even check whether your pet is getting enough exercise and rest using the 24/7 activity monitor.


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