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To mark World Photography Day, an annual celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography taking place on 19th August 2020, Huawei has shared some top photography tips to inspire those looking to get creative with their smartphone camera.

Huawei has been working in partnership with renowned camera experts, Leica Camera AG, since 2016 to make premium photography experiences more accessible to their customers. With the shared goal of reinventing smartphone photography, the partnership has continued to evolve each year, bringing Huawei users cutting edge innovation across the brand’s smartphone devices.

The latest Huawei P40 Pro flagship device picks up the torch from its predecessor, combining the series’ most powerful camera yet with Huawei’s signature craftsmanship to improve upon what was already considered best-in-class. With the largest sensor on any Huawei smartphone, working in tandem with the 50MP Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera and 5x optical zoom to help capture incredible, crystal-clear images, the P40 Pro allows users to capture unforgettable memories and Instagram-worthy vistas like a professional.

Huawei shares tips for World Photography Day 2

Helping amateur photographers get the most out of their smartphone camera, Huawei has shared a selection of tips below:

  • Think about the story: The most impactful narratives are often the ones which inspire people. Whether it’s friends and family, or something more personal, when capturing the world around you, think about what the photo is trying to say, and use the camera to tell your own story.
  • Perspective is Key: Having a smartphone as a professional camera means you can hold it at all sorts of unusual angles you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a DSLR. Try mixing it up, by getting on the same level as your subject, shooting from lower down or near ground level. This will give the viewer a perspective they likely have not seen before and can lead to a more captivating photo.
  • Up close and personal: The natural beauty and complexity of human life are evident through the subtleties within the different facial expressions of your subject. Using the Portrait Mode on the P40 Pro and other Huawei smartphones, you can capture professional-level photography with the click of a button, creating a Bokeh effect similar to that of a DSLR. Take advantage of the all-new portrait algorithm on the P40 Pro and capture a new headshot with incredible studio-like quality, even at night, thanks to its low light capabilities.
  • The rule of thirds: The ‘rule of thirds’ will help make your content more aesthetically pleasing. Imagine horizontal and vertical lines dividing the image in three each way; where the lines cross is an aesthetically pleasing place to put the focal point of your image. You can also use gridlines on Huawei devices to make the rule of thirds easier to navigate.
  • Look for layers: Reflections can be the easiest way to add layers to your images. Keep an eye out for puddles after a rain or shop windows, even the body of a parked car. With good timing and a spot-on exposure, you can turn an average scene into something spectacular.
  • Low light: The sun doesn’t have to be shining for that Insta-worthy shot. Early mornings and late afternoon when the sun is at its lowest are the prime times for shooting, the light is soft and golden and the shadows give everything depth. Play around with the position of the sun in your photos – for example, you can backlight subjects for an interesting silhouette effect. Huawei’s 50MP Ultra Vision Camera helps to take in massive light and detail for super clarity.
  • Into the night: Sometimes the most magical pictures are taken under the cloak of darkness or the light from the stars above. Thanks to the P40 Pro Ultra Vision Sensor, which works in tandem with the other powerful cameras in the array, even in the dark, the stunning night skyline can be captured with great lighting, sharp colour and low noise.
  • Zoom in: With the advancements in smartphone photography zoom capabilities, subjects which were once inaccessible are now prime targets for beautiful shots. Take the P40 Pro’s telephoto lens for example, with this you can capture incredible close-ups of birds in their natural habitat from metres away, without spooking them. With the phone’s Macro lens, you can capture the intricate detailing of a flower’s petal, which would usually go unnoticed to the naked eye. Compare the extraordinary image quality and clarity of the same scene shot 5x optical zoom
  • Use AI effects: Don’t be afraid to use AI effects to help shape your image and bring detail to life. Thanks to the new Huawei Golden Snap feature, the camera can now identify 18+ scenes to ensure you get the best shot every time. The phone also features a tool to help you remove any passers-by or unwanted reflections, combining several frames into one so you can have a clean background ensuring the focus of your shot stands out.
  • Shoot in Raw: To really take your shots to the next level, try shooting in raw or Pro mode. Raw files are much bigger which means they have more colour brightness information stored in the file. When it comes to editing the shot afterwards, this means you can get loads of extra detail from the shadows, and if you have overexposed any parts, you can dull down the bright sections.

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