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When Huawei launched the first Huawei Watch GT smartwatches series with the first model two years ago. Now it’s the time for the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro to shine, the watch comes in a typical but beautiful package, along with USB type-C cable and magnetic charging base, but without a normal charger, although you can use anyone you have available.

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The first thing to notice is that the magnetic charging base does not have a pin on it. And that’s because the watch supports wireless charging. Whichever wireless charger you place it on, it will start charging.

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If you still have a phone that can reverse wirelessly charge (such as the Huawei P30 Pro / Mate 40 Pro), you can charge your watch with your mobile phone, with Huawei claiming that 5 minutes of charging offers up to 10 extra hours of autonomy, but still wireless charging is convenient and comfortable so this is great news.

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The watch itself already wears a leather strap (there is also a soft TPU strap version), which uses a standard locking mode in the 22mm case, so anyone can put any strap they want. In fact, there is a special switch on the strap through which the user can easily unlock it to remove it. The watch itself is a much more premium version of the simple GT2, as it is made of glass, titanium and ceramic. However, the glass covering the entire façade is made of sapphire, which is as durable as the diamond and so is in itself extremely scratch resistant. The ceramic back is beautiful and at the same time extremely soft on the skin of the wearer, while the main body of titanium, a durable and at the same time light metal, with the watch (without the strap) weighing only 52 grams. It features a 1.39” AMOLED round touchscreen (46mm diameter), with the display on the same level as the case.

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Two buttons located on the right side, the operating system is checked, along with the use of the screen.

The buttons are round and barely protrude from the body. All the functions of its watch are undertaken by the Kirin A1 processor, which makes sure everything is done quickly and without delays. The Watch GT 2 Pro, just like the GT2, also has a speaker and microphone, which makes it a communication device. We tried several times to chat through the clock and were completely satisfied. The speaker (located on the right side) is loud and carries clear sound. We had several conversations through the Watch GT 2 Pro and we had no problems, nor did our interlocutor complain about anything. In fact, you were able to receive a call and talk. advantage of the built-in speaker is that someone can listen to music through it, whether it’s playing from the smartphone or stored on the watch itself (it has 4GB for this role by transferring via the Huawei Health app, from the smartphone).

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In addition, the watch offers a direct connection to headphones via Bluetooth so one can go out for training without taking his phone with him, and have music, with the built-in GPS receiver and the other sensors available to record all the data. Then, through the Huawei Health app (available for both Android and iOS) data is transferred to the mobile. The sensors available on the phone are as follows: accelerometer, gyroscope, optical pulse, light and atmospheric pressure sensor. the application one can add new watch faces, choosing from those offered by Huawei (over 200), with the device already having several instruments, some of which offer several setup options.

Going now to the field of use, the watch stays connected continuously to the mobile as long as there is a Bluetooth connection and displays notifications the moment they appear on the mobile. It cannot display entire mail, but titles and other messages have a specific number of characters displayed. You also cannot respond to messages. Similarly, phone calls appear and one can pick up the phone, or hang up. In addition to showing the time and updating with notifications, the Watch GT2e is designed to follow its owner in every sporting activity. It includes all the basics, such as running, walking, cycling, whether at home or outside, or with machines, but also many more and special ways of sports, from badminton and ping pong to volleyball and surfing and from triathlon and rowing to street dance and mountaineering. In total, almost 100 different modes of sport are monitored, 17 of which are for professionals.

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In addition, the watch comes with 13 running workouts, with the clock also giving voice instructions to the user about what to do at all times. From then on, every time a type of exercise is activated, the clock monitors the heart rate so that it knows when the exercise is anaerobic and when aerobic, while it can also record VO2Max (maximum oxygen consumption rate) in the company of SPO2 (an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood).

The Watch GT2 Pro is waterproof for up to 50 meters, with the pulse measurement sensor working both in the water and the speaker having no problem working fine after leaving the water. all the above data, the watch can show the holder the quality of the exercise he does and also informs him of the recovery time he needs to resume the exercise.

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In addition to plugging in the user to exercise more, the clock also measures stress levels as well as hours and sleep quality. All information collected by the sensors is always transferred to Huawei Health. In terms of autonomy, one can wait 10-14 days without charging with standard use.

The new Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is a beautiful smartwatch, from then on, there are some other features, such as updating for a sudden change in barometric pressure (meaning a sudden change in the weather), the ability to use the watch as a remote control to take photos from the connected Huawei smartphone, and monitoring the user’s stress levels.

But what is the price of the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro pricing its £299.99 from Huawei UK and Amazon UK available in Nebula Gray (review sample colour) and Night Black.


Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

TNC score for the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro


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