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ITSKINS has launched new designs in its innovative SUPREME and HYBRID ranges, alongside new lines of protective cases for Apple Watch, AirPods, Microsoft Surface and MacBook, at this year CES 2022.

Combining style and extreme durability, ITSKINS emblematic lines of protective phone cases, SUPREME and HYBRID welcome new designs:

SUPREME is ITSKINS’ most durable line thanks to its extreme impact safe protection, with 4.5m (15ft) drop-safe protection and raised edge shield protecting the screen and camera against everyday bumps and scratches. The new designs include:

• SUPREME // FROST 2.0 with multi-layer protection, including an integrated reinforced perimeter defence. It offers the ultimate in extreme drop protection and antimicrobial defence featuring covered ports to prevent dirt, dust and lint from collecting in buttons and ports, a secure grip with textured sides providing an anti-slip grip and a reinforced interior perimeter with a rigid polycarbonate frame providing increased shock absorption.
• SUPREME // SOLID 2.0 is made from recycled material. Just like the SUPRME // FROST 2.0, the SUPREME // SOLID 2.0 also features an extra perimeter frame to secure the phone in place. This slim, dependable case delivers a clean, classic look.
• SUPREME // MAG OMBRE and MAG SPARK include Apple’s MagSafe charging component with brand new style and colours that align perfectly with iPhone 13. No need to remove the case; when it’s time to charge, just snap on a MagSafe charger, or place it on a Qi-certified charger. SUPREME // MAG CLEAR OMBRE and MAG SPARK use recycled rare earth elements in all magnets.

SUPREME // FROST 2.0 and SOLID 2.0 are available for Apple and Samsung, starting at 29.99 Euros; MAG OMBRE and MAG SAFE start at 44.99 Euros.

itskins mag ombre itskins mag safe

// HYBRID is the most extensive line, featuring hardback for better protection. The new designs include:
• HYBRID // OMBRE has been eco-designed and produced with sustainable methods wherever possible. They feature unique, two-tone case shades, available in a variety of bold colours with an optical-grade acrylic armour hardback to show off the phone.
• HYBRID // PLATE is an innovative, two-piece design offering both an acrylic armour hardback and reinforced perimeter protection, all in one slim case. HYBRID // PLATE features an integrated metal plate on the inside perfect for magnetic mount and is compatible with wireless charging.
• HYBRID // STAND is a slim, dependable case delivering a clean, classic look. The built-in stand is seamlessly integrated into the back of the case for both landscape and portrait mode viewing. It folds flat without adding extra bulk to the case when not in use. This model is available only for Apple.

HYBRID // OMBRE and HYBRID // PLATE are available for Apple, Motorola and Samsung, starting at 34.99 Euros and HYBRID // STAND at 39.99 euros.

Protecting your tech accessories
ITSKINS also offers stylish and handy protection for accessories to keep devices in pristine condition. For 2022, ITSKINS are launching brand-new lines of accessories protection with the HEXOSHELL and SLEEVE collections, featuring all the specs of their phone case line but for your laptop:
• HEXOSHELL // FROST a slim, frosted hardshell case with a subtle matte tint that lets you show off the MacBook’s premium design. Reinforced corners provide added protection where a MacBook needs it most. Strategically placed vents allow for better airflow and can prevent the device from overheating during intense use. Reducing temperature can also improve performance and battery life. 100% made from recyclable materials, HEXOSHELL // FROST offers the ultimate drop protection and antimicrobial defence for laptops and is also compatible with Microsoft Surface.
• HEXOSHELL // SOLID features the same specs with a solid, reinforced HEXOTEK bumper that offers extra perimeter protection.
• PERFORMANCE SLEEVE // 360 each sleeve is made from around five recycled plastic water bottles, meaning it is not only durable but sustainable, helping to keep plastics out of our ecosystems. It provides complete surface and side protection for MacBooks. The shock-absorbing HEXOTEK bumper offers lightweight perimeter protection where your laptop needs it most. The side-loading low-profile magnetic snap closure keeps it safe and secure. The PERFORMANCE SLEEVE // 360 is available for Apple MacBook but also compatible with any universal 14″ and 16″ laptop.

The HEXOSHELL // FROST and HEXOSHELL // SOLID cases are available in various colours at 49.99 euros and PERFORMANCE SLEEVE // 360 at 39.99 Euros.

ITSKINS also extends its SPECTRUM CLEAR line for Apple Watch 7 with SPECTRUM / / CLEAR COMBO a crystal-clear strap and bumper bundled together in one matching set. Featuring antimicrobial defence and an ultra-breathable design, this slim, dependable combo is durable and the custom anti-yellowing TPU polymer keeps your case looking clearer longer. SPECTRUM // COMBO is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It features an adjustable buckle-and-tuck fastener for a secure fit and classic look, available in six colours for 39.99 Euros.

Finally, ITSKINS has redesigned the SPECTRUM // SOLID for AirPods. The new slim, dependable case features an innovative lock closure designed by ITSKINS that prevents the lid of your case from opening. Simply press to open and click to close. SPECTRUM // SOLID cases are available in 5 colours at 24.99 Euros.

All ITSKINS cases are integrated with IMPACTHANE, the brand’s exclusive ion anti-microbial technology that works at a cellular level to continually disrupt the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms. This creates a multi-point attack, damaging the protein, cell membrane, DNA and internal systems of bacteria, mould, yeast, algae, and many common viruses. Always active, IMPACTHANE has been proven effective against a broad spectrum of microbe and germs to fight growth 24/7, protecting the device not only from everyday impacts but also keeping them bacteria-free.

To maintain the devices fully protected, all ITSKINS’ cases also include HEXOTEK 2.0, an exclusive development that upgrades the original shock-absorbing technology into a slimmer and twice as effective version, offering a dual-layer for the most effective shock protection on the market. At impact, the honeycomb shock-absorbing technology flex and suspend the device on a cushion of air, like an airbag. 

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