SK Gaming and Beyond NRG
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SK Gaming welcomes new Focus Booster partner, Beyond NRG Germany, developed specifically for gamers, pro and casual alike, Beyond NRG is a powdered drink that provides a long-lasting boost of energy, focus and endurance. Its sugar-free formula contains caffeine, vitamins and minerals, while omitting any major allergens and being vegetarian friendly, and improves cognitive function, blood flow, alertness and memory.

SK Gaming and Beyond NRG

Alexander T. Müller, CEO of SK Gaming, shared the following: “We are happy to kick-off 2022 by welcoming Beyond NRG as our newest partner. In recent months, the team behind the brand convinced us through their expertise and ideas of how to bring a sustainable focus booster products closer to gamers, while paying attention to health-related aspects as well.”

Billy Webb, Founder and CEO of Beyond NRG explains, “We have seen a shift in how people are viewing mental performance and overall brain health in esports in the past year – we are exceptionally proud to be the first gaming booster SK Gaming has decided to partner with and very excited to see our planned activations unfold.”

We’re very excited to provide all of our players and content creators with the opportunity to refresh their minds before the season end stream grind or the next World Championship-qualifying game. We are also planning a lot of exclusive content pieces and community activations together with Beyond NRG Germany, so all of our fans can benefit from our cooperation as well!

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