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With THREE-QUARTERS of Gamers (75%) will have overindulged in seasonal rich food this Christmas – and while nearly two thirds (61%) will be taking part in the classic ‘New Year New You’ health and fitness regimes this January, nearly four in five (78%) are putting mental performance and brain health at the forefront of their lifestyle overhaul.

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The nationwide study conducted by Beyond NRG revealed that two thirds (66%) of gamers believe that brain training and fitness training are equally important, indicating members of the public are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health than ever before.

The research, conducted this month, reported that over three quarters (78%) of respondents hoped that a healthy and balanced diet can help improve your brain function the same way it can assist with improving your bodily health, while over half (57%) would love to improve their concentration levels but didn’t know how to go about it.

The results have been released amid a wave of new high street listings for Beyond NRG (which uses nootropics, vitamins, minerals and clean green caffeine to kickstart the functionality of the brain during creative work and gaming) who will see an entire new category created for their product dubbed ‘functional drinks’ this month. Their products will soon be listed at high street Superdrug, in addition to Holland & Barrett, and Belong arenas nationwide, as the UK’s interest in improving mental performance with the use of supplements, grows.

Billy Webb, Founder and CEO of Beyond NRG explains “We have seen a shift in how people are viewing mental performance and overall brain health in the past year – our customer base has gone from mainly esports enthusiasts to a variety of creatives and the wider general public in less than 12 months. High street stores and all kinds of entertainment platforms are also taking a keen interest in listing our products, and we will be the first on the scene to be awarded our very own ‘functional drinks category’.

There isn’t a great deal of understanding about mental performance and concentration, but our scientists have developed a product which can assist with this in a healthy and safe way, and people can’t get enough of it.”

All of Beyond NRG products are sugar-free, have less than 20 calories per serving, contain no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians. 400g tubs (40 servings) for £34.99 are now available online at and and in-store at Superdrug, Holland & Barrett and Belong Arenas from January 2022.

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