AX 3000 Pro 2
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ZTE has just announced the global launch of ZTE AX3000 Pro, a Miracle WiFi-6 Router. ZTE AX3000 Pro will be available on 16th August 2022, through ZTE’s official website, priced at £80.99 / $99.99/ €99.99.
ZTE AX3000 Pro is equipped with a Qualcomm high-performance professional routing chip and advanced technology that offers fast speed, low latency, and stable connection.

From 16th August 2022 until 30th August 2022, there will be a price-break discount for orders over £80.99 / $99.99/ €99.99, saving customers £10 / $10/ €10 respectively.

AX 3000 Pro 2

Qualcomm chip and 160MHz Frequency Width for High-speed Experience

The high-performance professional chip features Qualcomm’s dual-core 64-bit CPU network acceleration engine and a 12-thread network processor to increase computing power and ensure fast speed, low latency and stable connection. ZTE AX3000 Pro can reach 3000Mbps at its peak, which is 166% faster than Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 and 250% faster than Wi-Fi 5 AC1200; Its RAM is 512MB, ROM is 256MB, the maximum number of connections is 256, and the mobile phone can easily manage home network by using ZTELink app. Also, ZTE AX3000 Pro is twice as fast as its predecessor, with a bandwidth of 160MHz.

7dBi ultra high-gain antenna for Wider Range

With the aid of an external 7dBi antenna, along with dual channels of 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals concurrently, the wall penetration ability of ZTE AX3000 Pro is greatly improved. One ZTE AX3000 Pro can easily cover a significant amount of space with Wi-Fi.

Easy Mesh for One-click networking

ZTE AX3000 Pro supports Easy Mesh networking technology and can be easily extended with just a single click. Mesh networking of multiple devices can seamlessly provide coverage even for large residential homes and ensure automatic roaming of the Wi-Fi network.

Intelligent NFC for One-touch Connection

For Android Smartphones equipped with NFC, ZTE AX3000 Pro’s Intelligent NFC one-touch connection function accelerates Wi-Fi connections.

Internationally renowned team for Artistic Design

Designed by internationally renowned teams, ZTE AX3000 Pro, part of ZTE’s Miracle Serials Routers, won the Good Design Award in 2021. ZTE AX3000 Pro is the perfect embodiment of art and technology, resulting in a totally unique design and product that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Last but not least, strict tests were carried out on ZTE AX3000 Pro. These include tests that were conducted in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 55°C and highly humid conditions (as much as 95%). The outcomes of the tests proved that the device is capable of operating under various working conditions for an extended period of time.

Price and Availability

ZTE AX3000 Pro will be available for purchase from 16th August  2022 through ZTE’s official website, priced at £80.99 / $99.99/ €99.99.

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